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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has a worldwide organization. The General Services Office (GSO) in New York is at the center of this organization. An area like the Southeast Texas Area (SETA) elects a Delegate to go to a General Services Conference (GSC) every year and exercise oversight of the GSO. And SETA also promotes service to alcoholics like taking meetings to prisons and informing health professionals about AA.

No one has a last name, just an initial. Is this what you mean by "anonymity"?
AA experience has been that the messenger can sometimes get in the way of the message. Trying to carry the message is far more important than who gets the credit. Alcoholism is a deadly disease. If our egos get us into conflict, we could go back to being hopeless drunks and die of it. Anonymity helps us stay humble which is vital for continued sobriety and serenity.

How come you don't have -this feature- on the SETA web site?
The general contents of the site are set by vote at the Assembly. See the website guidelines.  Also, the webmaster hasn't given up his/her day job. Yet...


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