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This page has information for General Service Representative (GSR) in the South East Texas Area (SETA) 67 of Alcoholics Anonymous.

"GSR: May be the Most Important Job in AA"


·        Here is a map of all of the AA areas in the U.S. and Canada (PDF format). Also, here is a Texas map of AA areas with links to their respective area web sites.

·        The SETA Assembly meets 4 times each year, in January, April, July and October. See the Calendar of Events for all Assembly dates and locations.

o       The January SETA Assembly is held in conjunction with the SETA Convention which is held at a different location each year and may follow a different meeting agenda (click HERE for Convention information).

o       Except for SETA Conventions, the SETA Assembly is all day Saturday and then Sunday morning until we're done.  Sunday morning is when we discuss and vote on SETA actions.

o      For current agendas, see the Area Chairperson's page. Also, see the area Assembly minutes on the Secretary's page.

o       GSR's are voting members of the Assembly, if absent the Alternate GSR has voting privileges.

·        There are GSR workshops at every assembly on Saturday. Check agneda's and recent email correspondence from the Area Chairperson for time and location of the workshops.

o       AA Conferenced Approved pamphlets and books are available for purchase at the Assembly.  If you don't have a copy of the latest "AA Service Manual", you may purchase a copy at the Literature table.  

o       You may obtain a copy of the SETA "Policies and Procedures Manual" from the Area Alternate Chairperson, or you may download it from the Area Alternate Chairperson web page.

o       GSR information packets are available for download (click here).  GSR orientation presentations are available for download (click English or Spanish or Combined). Contact the Area Webmaster to request a copy of this presentation.

o       When you are elected as a GSR, print the Group Change Form on the Area Registrar's page, fill it out, you may scan and email or mail a copy to the Registrar at: 

Southeast Texas Area of Alcoholics Anonymous
P. O. Box 130433 
Houston, Texas  77219-0433

Attn: Registrar

·        The SETA Delegate goes to the General Service Conference (GSC) in New York City for a week every April. Here is a 2004 "Diary of a Delegate". It tells what it was like for our Panel 53 Delegate going to the General Service Conference.  And here is his diary from 2003 "Diary of a 1st time Delegate" .

·        We elect a new delegate, new officers, and new standing committee chairs at the October assembly every two years (even numbered years). There is a link to a "Job Description" for each position at the top of each officer and committee chair web page that gives their responsibilities and requirements.

A full GSR job decription can be found in the "AA Service Manual" in Chapter 2.

·        There is a lot of AA information on the internet. Here are a few sources:

o - AA World Services has useful information like AA Guidelines, Service Material and Box 4-5-9.

o - The AA Grapevine has online subscription to the Grapevine archives.

o       SETA Acronyms and Terms used in AA - To help you better understand AA service.

o       SETA-ANNOUNCE - To subscribe to SETA Announce email.

o       SETA Web Links page - More internet links.

·        Here are some useful forms Group Inventory or Inventario del Grupo.

·        Some helpful INVENTORY TIPS from a Group Inventory Workshop held at the SETA Assembly on October, 2003.

·        Please post a SETA web site flyer on your group's bulletin board.

·        Local AA Contacts

·       Help support your Area Service Committees from the group level, visit the invidual committee webpages for all meeting, contact information and flyers.

·        If you have suggestions or additions for this page, please send them to


GSRs may submit inquiries to the Area Webmaster for posting on this page.

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