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IT Secretary:

Mike W. SETA Home
Geoff J.
Kyna D.
Jeff H.
Glenn B.

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Committee Meetings:
Monthly on the 4th Saturday at the Post Oak Club - 10:00 to 12:00 AM
And at the SETA Area Assembly, quarterly, Saturday Afternoon - 4:45 to 6:00 PM

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IT Chair Job Description 


     The IT Committee is charged with oversight of the Area's Information Technology Assets: Hardware, Software and the Area's Website.

     The website proposal states "the last names of individuals or e-mail addresses containing individual last names shall not be used." Read the whole website proposal here. The website proposal also states "No copyrighted material shall be posted [on the SETA website]." Learn more about copyrights at the basic U.S. Government information on copyright law. A shorter and more user friendly explanation of copyrights and some copyright myths can be found here.

     To submit a file to put on the SETA website read these suggestions and email the file to

     Technical Information - the SWRAASA Web Site Tips document has advice about software to use to manage a web site.  If you want to make a map that is public domain (not copyrighted) the Public Domain Street Map document has instructions for Teraserver.

     Audio-Video Conferencing information is available on the SETA GoToMeeting web page.

     Webmail Settings for iPhone, iPad or Android are:
SMTP: (SMTP port is 587)

     Provide us feedback - In an effort to make the SETA website more user friendly and useful to the trusted servants in Area 67, we provide a SETA Website Problem or Suggestion Form (feedback form) for you to use to report problems with the website or suggestions for improvement. This form may be downloaded, filled in online and saved for emailing to the Webmaster. Use this form to report such things as:
- broken links
- erroneous information
- outdated information
- missing information or links
You may also use this form to share your ideas about features, functions and information that will make it more useful to you.


        SETA Webmail Basics (Updated 04/18/2013)

        IT Guidelines

        GoToMeeting Information (Posted 03/26/2013)

        Webmaster’s Logbook

        Committee Meeting Minutes (>1posted)

        SETA Website Problem or Suggestion Form (Posted 05/09/2013)



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