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Workshop Reports

District Reports

Area Standing Committee and Intergroup Liaison Reports

SATURDAY, January 8, 2005



Workshop Reports


Spanish GSR Meeting

Facilitator: Oscar

Secretary: J. Angel


The meeting opened with meditation and the Serenity Prayer. The A.A. Preamble was read. Service work was the theme. Marcos talked about service work and his experience in the La Vina Committee. Arnulfo talked about service work in the present time. The meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer.



District Reports


District 10                                         



District 20                             

Deborah De B, DCM

Randy C, Alternate DCM


I want to thank Marsha for all of her support and guidance for the last two years. I’m honored to serve as the DCM for District 20. I’m grateful for a growing and enthusiastic District. I’m ready to be of service. This year is already off to a busy start. We are giving away 20 subscriptions of the Grapevine/La Viña at the SETA convention. We are also in the process of contacting the various groups in the district and attracting more GSRs to become involved. Randy, Alternate DCM, will be busy working on our Service workshop which will be in July. I look forward to a growing and loving experience for the next two years. Yours in service, Deborah D., District 20



District 31                             

Gene J, DCM

Dwayne P, Alternate DCM


               District 31's first meeting of the year was held on Jan. 16, 2005 at our regular meeting place, the Kingwood Club. We had a wonderful turnout of GSR's and visitors and a long agenda since the new year brings renewed efforts to the forefront. We have plans for a district meeting book (thanks to the inspiration of the Spanish meeting book) in the works, travels to outlying groups, especially those who do not normally attend District meetings or Assemblies; and workshop ideas to put on our year's calendar.
               We are in the process of revising our District packet we take to our groups, and are committed to be "buddies" to any new GSR's so they learn and grow in service. Coming up in District 31 are the following activities we'd like to invite y'all to:  a Round Robin hosted by Shepherd/Goodrich Serenity Groups on Feb. 19 (contact Chuck L at 936-365-3910 or Smokey at 936-628-3777),  the Conroe 1502 Anniversary the same date (food and fun all day), and the Yellow Rose Conference in Trinity on the weekend of Feb. 11th. Our next District meeting is on Feb. 20; a Grapevine presentation is on our agenda. Everyone is invited. In love and service, Gene J, DCM

District 32                             

Bart M, DCM

Lynn G, Alternate DCM



District 33

Tim C, DCM


1.                  District 33 has been having and continues to have a great success in holding their Round Robins (Eating Meetings). More people are getting involved, and there is better attendance at District Meetings.

2.                  We are preparing for our Unity Conference to be held February 18-20, 2005.

3.                  District 33 would like to host the Gratitude Dinner.

4.                  We are committed to visit all groups.

A.                 Sign up groups not listed.

B.                 Ask them to elect a GSR.

C.                 Get contact information to forward district and area flyers and information.


District 40                 

Jamie G, DCM

Chuck W, Alternate DCM



District 51                 

John O, DCM

Vernon L, Alternate DCM


Howdy from District 51!! We are just getting settled in and learning our jobs. Vernon and I hope to visit all the groups in the District. We’ve started with the Caring & Sharing Group. District 51 will be hosting the Area Assembly in April. We’re in the process of scheduling volunteers and hope to have plenty from several different groups. The District is looking to fill all the openings for the various Committees soon. We have Literature and Grapevine filled.

District 52                 

Bob B, DCM

Tom K, Alternate DCM


Man, what a convention, right here in our own backyard. The speakers were absolutely awesome, the food was great and the showing of unity and service from our district was fantastic.

I hope I capture all the information correctly. As for the convention, our district provided time and talent in a multitude of areas.  Three members of our district committee were on the convention committee. Bob B. (incoming DCM) was the chair of the Flyers, Banner and Programs committee, Tom K. (outgoing Alt. DCM and incoming Area GrapeVine chair) was the GrapeVine chair for the convention, and Peter C. (outgoing Treasurer and incoming Dist. And Area Liaison to Intergroup) was the Treasurer for the convention. Along with that, Becky M. (incoming Treasurer) lead one of the Marathon meetings, Kathleen P. lead a Marathon meeting as well as being the Hostess for Saturday nights speaker, Donna B. from California. I want to also gratefully acknowledge and thank Becky M. and Gary M. and Kathleen P., all from District 52, for their work as the entire Flyers, Banner and Programs committee. They did a really, really great job and everyone involved with the convention was pleased. Thanks a bunch.  Dave A. was at the GrapeVine display virtually the entire convention. Thanks, Dave.  I’m sure that have left someone out but not intentionally and I want to thank all who gave of their time and talent but might have been behind the scenes.  The convention just can’t go on without each and every one you who volunteered. Thanks so much.

            Discussions continued at our January meeting surrounding moving our meeting out into the groups. God evidently has some reason for “now” not being the time but we will revisit this from time to time.

            January also brought three new “pockets of enthusiasm” as three more of our beloved groups were blessed with willing and open-minded souls who asked the question ”Who/What is the GSR?” A lot of us seem to have been introduced to this wonderful world of Unity and Service by asking that same simple question. We’re very much looking forward to having them be a part of the collective conscience of the District.

            Also at January’s meeting was the addition of a second annual workshop, which will reflect the theme of our General Service Conference. It has been slated to take place in September. This addition will compliment our annual Traditions workshop, which takes place every June. Along with these, one of our groups, The Tri City Group, will be holding a Second Tradition Workshop on January 15th at 4:30 PM at the Lamplighters Club. We hope to see you there.

We have also added a “lottery” at our monthly meeting in which an active group is chosen to receive a 1 year subscription to our second oldest piece if literature-The Grapevine.  Members of the committee will hand-deliver the subscription to the groups chosen who are not currently participating in the district functions to promote awareness and to attract them to involvement.

            Our current Newsletter editor, Kathleen P., and our GSR’s have decided to add the GSR reports as part of each newsletter in hopes of promoting unity among the groups.

            WOW! so much for being broken in gently as the new DCM, but I  guess as long as God and the groups are driving the bus, my destination is eminent – Peace and Serenity,  Bob B, DCM

District 60                   

Doris N, DCM

Aldrinette C, Alternate DCM



District 64                    

Rodolfo C, DCM

Francisco G, Alternate DCM


            District 64 has 10 groups in North Houston area. We have three committees:  La Viña, Correctional and Literature. The GSRs and DCM have meetings every Saturday at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at:   1550 Aldine Bender, Suite “h”, Houston, Texas  77032. The phone number is:  281-219-1894.

            Districts 64, 65, 66 and Intergroup have meetings every last Sunday of the month at 10:00 am. We meet at a different group each time, to share information and find new ways to encourage unity and service on our AA Hispanic Community. We will also begin workshops for GSRs, DCMs, and assistance to Intergroup, and also discuss topics concerning recovery, unity and service.

I’m here if you need help. Please call Rodolfo C (832)755-7703 cell or (713)868-7933 home.  Thank you,   Rodolfo Ca, DCM 64



District 65

Arnulfo G, DCM

Rodolfo C, Alternate DCM



District 66

Marco A C Sr., DCM

Juan T, Alternate DCM


1.   We have our meeting every Saturday starting at 6:00 pm.

2.   We have 17 groups on which we have registered 12 GSR’s, 5 Contacts, and the Area, from which all of them contribute to the Area and GSO.

3.   We go and visit 2 or 3 times per week the groups that don’t have GSR’s.

4.   Every 15 days we get together to review the service manual.

5.   We have 3 Committees, Viña, Correctionals, and Literature.

A)     Viña: Their service table is complete. They meet every Thursday; They go out to different groups every Tuesday, and they have 319 subscriptions.

      B)     Correctionals:  They have their service table. They get together every Friday; They go out and visit different groups every Tuesday, and they also visit Jester I, Jester III, and Central Unit.

      C)     Literature: They sell and raffle their service manuals, and the main office sells the rest of the literature.

6.   We attend 4 Assemblies a year for the Area.

7.   Every month we come up with a working plan for the District.

8.   On Friday January 7 we’ll have a meeting at the Assembly/Convention  in Spanish from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

9.   On Saturday, January 8, we’ll have another meeting in Spanish from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

10. Due to our district needs, they elected me again until we find another candidate.



District 70

Debra R, DCM

Lisa L, Alternate DCM


District 70 will be having elections October 6th, 7:30 pm. Several of our members are involved in the Area and will be taking Area positions. I’m real excited and grateful to have such interest in giving back to the miracle of A.A. The Gratitude Dinner plans are in full swing and Cynthia B is handling the plans. Map and flyer are on the website. Thank-you’s to Charles and Betsy for coming to the September district meeting to explain what is involved in hosting a Quarterly and also to Robin for visiting and spreading more enthusiasm for SWRAASA. Thanks for your help. Sane? and sober, Debra R, DCM District 70.



District 81


Bill H, Alternate DCM


Well, here we are again; New Year 2005 is here and I’m looking forward to my term as DCM. I had some reservations at first in stepping into the position, as I know I have some large shoes to fill, but I’m really excited about getting started. Besides, with Bonita and Marvin W. always in attendance I know I’ll get the guidance I need.

            We had our first District meeting Wednesday, January 5, 2005 at our usual meeting place at Kelley’s Restaurant in La Marque. If the meeting gets any larger, we may have to look for an alternate site as we had over 30 people in attendance. Participation at the District level has increased drastically during the term of Bonita W. and I am pleased to say that I get to start out my term with all the standing committee positions filled. What a blessing! I am looking forward to working with all these people for the next two years as well as all the incoming GSR’s, DCM’s and committee members at the Area level.

            Bonita W. is putting together a draft of a District 81. We are making plans for our first District workshop of the year, which will be held at the Santa Fe Group. The topic for this workshop is “Home Group” and as usual snacks will be provided. The date is April 2/2005 2-5 pm at the old post office in Santa Fe, Texas. Flyers will be sent out within the next few weeks.

            Yours in Service, Al P, District 81 DCM







District 82

Eileen P, DCM

Jess H, Alternate DCM


District 82 monthly meetings had been sparsely attended in the fourth quarter of 2004. Elections held in October filled many vacant posts except for Intergroup, and Multi-lingual representative and Website Liaison. The new service members will bring a renewed energy with 2005 being another excellent year of service.

The 2005 Budget Committee Chair, Jes H. and Glen B have corrected some miscalcu-lations in the initial report and are optimistic that we can operate successfully this year with the completed budget report.

Several group issues surfaced this quarter. One issue the groups at the BAC in Clute are struggling with is the increased number of signers coming to the AA meetings that are not actually alcoholic. It seems to be that the courts are requesting attendance at AA meetings for drug offenders. The Brockman Group in Clute is reformatting their meeting format to meet the needs of the newcomers – a format focusing on the purpose of AA and how the program can work in their lives.

Also, the question was proposed at the January District meeting if the monthly minutes should continue to be mailed to members even though these members are not attending the District meetings. The subject raised was, “Are the GSRs reporting to their groups the activities of the District and is the District actually hearing the needs of the groups?”

We are very excited about the strength of our home groups, which is reflected in the consistency of successful yearly celebrations. The month of February is all booked up already. February 12, 2005, the Sweeny Group will hold its celebration at the Phillips Clubhouse in Old Ocean. February 19, 2005, the Plantation Group will celebrate their Founders Day at the St. Marks Church in Lake Jackson. February 26, 2005 the Beginners Group will celebrate its anniversary art the BAC in Clute. Flyers will be circulated, so watch for them.

The District monthly meetings are held in the Conaco-Phillips building at Ashley-Wilson Road, Sweeny, TX. We meet at 3:00 on the 1st Sunday of each month.

. . . . AA Service works in District 82, Yours in Service, Eileen P, District DCM                                                                          



District 90

Karen Y, DCM

Harvey H, Alternate DCM


            Hello SETA Family from District 90.

            We had our first GSR meeting with all of our new District Officers and Committee Chairs in place. Reports were given and all committees are enthusiastic and ready to get to work. We added a Website Committee to our list of standing committees and elected Brian H. as Chairperson and Ginger Q. as Alternate Chairperson. As of right now the website address is www.ih2000/aa but that will probably be changing soon (more will be revealed…).

            St. Francis Group has volunteered to host this year’s District Gratitude Dinner and we will be electing a chairperson for that event at our February meeting. Our Conference Committee is already busy working on our District Conference, which is held in August in Beaumont.

            We will be having a GSR workshop chaired by Charlie A. and Tom K. at our February meeting, and we will be having a 7th Tradition workshop in March chaired by Gus H. and Betsy G. We meet the 1st Sunday of each month at Avenue E & Franklin (Central City Church) at 2PM in Beaumont. Our next meeting is February 6th.

            I want to close by saying how very, very grateful I am to be entrusted to serve the fellowship that saved my life!

            Your Friend, Karen Y, DCM District 90



Area Standing Committee Reports



Sarah D, Chairperson


The Area Archives Committee meets the first and second Thursday of the month at Intergroup, 4140 Directors Row. The committee is reorganizing area archives to make better use of the space we have and to set u a small display. Having finished inputting the motions from the Area minutes on a database and categorizing them, we have begun preliminary work on a history of SETA. The Web Master tells me motions will be posted to the Area website at a future date.

We have no minutes prior to 1973. Please spread the word at your meetings, especially to Long Timers, who were in service in the 1950’s and 60’s. There is no need for anyone to surrender their originals – copies are fine for our purposes.

We are missing Area newsletters from 1984, April 1985, March and December 1987, December 1991, June 1992 and September and December 1995.

Archives is getting fresh input from several levels:  a word of thanks to District 31 for inviting us to the second Old Timer’s Day held November 6, 2004. We enjoyed taping the event’s speakers. (As a footnote, the first such event was held just last year and was inspired by a former member of SETA who was on the Archives Committee and remains active in archives in her new Area.) Following the event we collected 1502 Group’s History. We hope other districts join in by having their Long Timers step up to the mike. The Archivists for District 81 and 82 are participating in our committee’s monthly meetings and representing the district level there – in fact, District 82’s archivist is the Archives Committee Secretary! The CFC Archivist and Chair attended our November meeting and in December their archivist and a committee member were present. From what we understand the archivist will be joined by someone from CFC each month.

Just a word about your wonderful gifts to SETA’s archives collection. In the future we will be asking our contributors to complete a Deed of Gift in which donations are inventoried. Donors will keep a copy for their records.



Correctional Facilities

Zaz M, Chairperson



Cooperation with the Professional Community

Larry B, Chairperson

      Happy New Year. The Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee held its first meeting at our new location, Houston Council on Alcohol and Drugs, 303 Jackson Hill, on January 3, 6:30 P.M.
      Our committee is active and well attended.  We are currently working on Harris County Probation Presentations and awaiting the results from the letters we sent to Doctors. When we are not actively making presentations, we are holding practice ones during our monthly meetings. 
      In our first meeting of the New Year, we discussed what we wanted to accomplish, how to increase our membership and how to make our meetings more interesting, attend more district meetings, and contact other committees and see if our service is needed to carry the message.
Love in service,  Larry B




David H, Chairperson


See Area Committee Report for Finance Report.




Tom K, Chairperson


            Wow, what a convention Jan. 7, 8, 9 !   Over 100 people picked up Group Grapevine packets for registering a representative to stimulate interest in "Our Meeting in Print" to their home group.  Over 300 past issues were distributed by some 3 dozen individuals qualifying their "sponsorship" skills to become members of the "Grape Bunch" - a team of specialists carrying the message, supporting the 2nd oldest piece of literature in our fellowship.  Is that a fun way to participate, or what ???
            Monthly meetings still continue to grow in attendance the 4th Thursday evening of every month @ 6:30 at the Houston Council on Drugs and Alcohol, at 703 Jackson Hill.  District meetings and Service Committee meetings are scheduled to be visited the 1st quarter of 2005.  District 51, 52, 30, 60 and 90 are already committed in January and February.  We welcome more invitations, @ 832-875-7595.  Our "traveling road show" includes registration, literature and supplies and display fabrication information and materials.
     Is your group in the loop ???  Thanx 4 the privilege, Tom K



Ronald C, Chairperson




Alejandro R, Chairperson


John S, Chairperson



Public Information

Cynthia B, Chairperson


            The Public Information Committee had 11 requests since our last SETA assembly. There were 9 health fairs and 2 presentations. Two commitments were at area churches and 9 were at schools. All but one were in October and November.

Since we had no requests during the Christmas season, we decided to have a Christmas party at a Mexican restaurant in Montrose! “…. we are not a glum lot…….We absolutely insist on enjoying life.”

We meet monthly at the Counsel on Alcohol and Drugs at 303 Jackson Hill, Houston, TX 77007 except the months when we have a SETA Quarterly Assembly. Those months we meet at the Assembly.

Please tell all your new district chairs where we meet and ask them to join us. We welcome all volunteers! Love in Service, Cynthia B




Tim C, Chairperson



Treatment Facilities

Jeff B, Chairperson


During the last quarter the Treatment Facilities Committee (TFC) has been active in various areas. We continue to give Bridging the Gap (BTG) presentations at the Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PARC), the West Oaks Hospital and the Right Step. The programs are being well received. We are continuing daily AA meetings for adults and adolescents at the Harris County Psychiatric Center. In connection with BTG we are continuing to expand our Temporary Contact Database. The form to sign up can be found on the TFC website. Please help carry the message by adding your name to our Temporary Contact Database.

Members of the Committee gave a presentation at District 70. We appreciate the opportunity to serve and enjoy the privilege of speaking to districts big and small.

If you have any sponsee’s who aren’t busy send them to us. We’ll put them to work. Hope all have a great new year and keep the new man in mind. Jeff B SETA 67 TFC Chair



Penny W, Chairperson

Marshall W, Alternate Chairperson


See Area Committee Report for Website Report



Intergroup Liaison Reports


Brazos Valley Intergroup

Robert W


Houston Intergroup

Mike D


Ninth District Intergroup

Chris P


Spanish Intergroup