Clarion – Houston, Texas

Workshop Reports

District Reports

Area Standing Committee and Intergroup Liaison Reports

SUNDAY, July 10, 2005


Workshop Reports



New GSR Workshop

Leader: Eddie S, Recorder: Cathy P


         The leader discussed how it works for the GSR policies and procedures. Some questions were asked, “Why are you here?” and, “How do you qualify to lead meetings?” It was followed by open discussion They talked about how to service group conscious information. Several GSRs shared information on what tools work for their particular groups and how they try to keep the group informed on what is happening in Alcoholics Anonymous.


Advance GSR Workshop

Leader:  Rafael E, Recorder: Ann P


         Twenty-five people attended the meeting. Rafael opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer, then read out of the Service Manual. They talked about the qualifications and duties of the GSR. Ann shared about her experience, strength and hope of being a GSR in New York. Discussion following on: the home group; P-16, The Group where It Begins; voting the group conscience – yea or nay. Some questions followed on: how many GSRs are in the area, the importance of the group; area voting, GSR with one vote; basis to exclude; how to build attendance; group inventory is a “group Step 4.” The meeting was closed with the Lord’s Prayer.


The General Service Conference Structure

Leader: Beth R, Recorder: Patrick C


         The conference structure begins and ends with the Groups. Beth read from Bernard Shaw’s talk on why we need the GSC structure. The main reasons for the creation of our GSC structure are to ensure communication between groups is healthy, that we maintain adherence to our principles, discuss and make decisions on issues, elect trusted servants. Our main goal is to remain healthy and to ensure recovery for those to come – to be a permanent haven for those still suffering.

         It is suggested that all groups should elect a General Service Representative (GSR). The GSR should ensure that the opinions and views of each group are heard. This is accomplished beginning with the group conscience meetings, an opportunity for all members to have input. Each member belongs to one group and gets to have one vote. Our home group is where we grow up; we get to know each other, and more importantly, we have the opportunity to have input into the future state of Alcoholics Anonymous.

         Next is the District Level. The Service Manual suggests that each District have around 15 groups within a district. In the Southeast Texas area our districts have many more than that. All GSRs in a district meet monthly with the District Committee Member (DCM) to bring the group’s voice. It is the GSRs’ responsibility to elect a new DCM every two years. GSRs share/discuss issues/ solutions about AA as a whole. District meetings are business sessions. They usually put on workshops as well.

         The next level of the GSC structure is the Area Assemblies where Area Officers, DCMs, GSRs, and members at large come together to discuss/decide on the business of Alcoholics Anonymous. The GSC is made up of 93 areas. Texas has four areas. Most areas are entire states. The main purpose of area is to elect a Delegate to the General Service Conference to ensure our voice is heard. They are elected for a two-year term in October to take office the following January.

         Each Delegate is randomly appointed to a Conference Committee. These committees are where the work of AA begins. The Chairperson of the Conference Committee, Staff Member and a Trustee draw the names from a hat to determine delegate assignments. The only way for a delegate to change the random assignment is if the selection drawn happens to be the same conference committee the previous delegate was assigned. The delegates receive all the background information to prepare themselves for serving the committee. Most delegates are game for the assignment and do the best they can.

         The Area Standing Committees correspond to the Conference Committees. It is recommended that those of us involved in service also participate in an Area Committee. Why? It can help each of us learn more about the General Service structure, learn more about the work of Alcoholics in the area, and to help get our message out to the still-suffering alcoholic.

         The General Service Board is made up of 21 Trustees – 14 alcoholic and 7 non-alcoholic trustees. There are 8 Regional Trustees – 6 from the U.S. and 2 from Canada. The Regional Trustees are selected from a pool of candidates put up from each area. They meet quarterly in New York. The Board deals with issues given to them by the Conference. The GSB oversees AAWS, GSO, AA Grapevine Board and the Grapevine Office.


Budget Workshop

Leader: David H


         David presented the 2006 budget for viewing by the membership. Since there is a deficit of over $14,000, discussion, questions, and suggestions followed. Several comments and suggestions were made for increasing SETA’s income by deleting unnecessary spending by the Committees. The Districts possibly might take more responsibility for Committee expenses involved in their district, therefore lessening the burden on SETA’s budget. After an hour of questions/answers, and helpful suggestions, David closed the workshop with a reminder of the voting scheduled for Sunday at the assembly meeting.



District Reports


District 10

Kathleen O, DCM

Allison W, Alternate DCM                                           


            We welcome our new Treasurer, Lena P. from the Good Times Group, which rounds out representative offices. Our Visitation Committee is driving District 10 participation. The Welcome Home Group is new to our district. They meet at the Men’s Center hosting 5 meetings per day, including weekends! We are attending meetings including group conscience to support GSR elections for District 10. We’re bringing dessert to the Gratitude Dinner. Thanks to District 52 we’re trudging the road of happy destiny.


District 20                    

Deborah D, DCM


         I want to thank the district for the opportunity to service. I’m happy to report that the district now has a new Alternate DCM. Chris B. will be serving, and he is already asking how he can be of service. Thank you, Chris. The Visiting Committee is still very busy trying to get to all the meetings that don’t have GSRs or contacts; we’re taking it one meeting at a time with about 90 meetings in our district. We’re seeing results for our efforts with new GSRs and new monies from groups. Our plan for the next quarter is to contact more groups and to talk about the 7th Tradition.


District 31                    

Gene J, DCM

Dwayne P, Alternate DCM


         We in District 31 are relaxing and serving through the summer, attending AA events and doing our service work. I want to thank all of our officers, GSRs and trusted servants who continue to service, learn and grow. Our meetings are held every 3rd Sunday at the Kingwood Club on Russel Palmer Road at 2 pm.
         Anniversaries were celebrated at Serenity in the Woodlands in May, Goodrich Serenity in May, Huntsville 50th Anniversary in June. We congratulate our groups on their histories and keeping the meeting doors open. Past workshops have been the Sponsorship workshop hosted by the Kingwood Group in April and a Finance (Self-Support) Workshop hosted by the Spring Group in June. Huntsville will host a Service Workshop 8/27 at the Huntsville Group, 1-4 PM. 1502 Club, Conroe, will host a CFC Workshop at 1502 Conroe the last Saturday in September.
         Gary S. is helping us plan for our annual Old Timer’s Day November 5 at the Lamb of God Church. We’ve had a great time the last two years. We in District 31 are also committed to helping with registration and clean-up at the Gratitude Dinner in November. Never a dull moment in AA. Thanks for the privilege to serve.


District 32                    

Bart M, DCM

Lynn G, Alternate DCM


         We’ve enjoyed a steady growth over the last few years, averaging 40-50 people at our district meetings. Of that number, 75-80% are GSRs and Alternate GSRs. We do insist on having fun in service, as demonstrated by the Traditions Play put on by members of District 32. In June Charles and Gus came to our meeting and discussed the General Service Conference. That was a treat. All of our committee positions are filled. District 32 will be hosting the Gratitude Dinner in November. Our DCM has been valiantly trying to find a facility. Hopefully we’ll have something finalized soon. As soon as we have the location, we’ll get out announcements.


District 33

Tim C, DCM

Robert W, Alternate DCM


         Our round robins are still creating more involvement in service at the district level.  The next one will be at Lexington. We’ve helped three new groups sign up. Tim C.  and Robert W. will be visiting groups as we discover new ones. Our hope is to help promote AA and the Seventh Tradition. Charles P, our Delegate, will be visiting our district in November, and we’re all looking forward to having him attend. District 33 meetings at the Brazos Club on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 4 pm.


District 40        

Daryl H, DCM

Chuck W, Alternate DCM



District 51                    

John O, DCM

Vernon L, Alternate DCM


All is going well in the district. We have been going to groups that aren’t active and informing them about getting active and supporting AA. The district is also planning a workshop in September, “What You Don’t Know about AA – The Secret of Sobriety.” We hope to have all the details worked out next month; more will be revealed. Charles P, our Delegate, was at our last district meeting informing us about the conference and what changes are coming down the pipe.

We’ll get the Area committees represented soon. We’re growing slowly. At our last meeting we had a roomful. Our next meeting will be at the Delta Club the last Saturday of July. Hope to see you there. . . We had a blast at the last quarterly hosting the Assembly.


District 52        

Bob B, DCM

Tom P, Alternate DCM


Greetings from District 52. Hope you’re all enjoying our great Texas summer weather --super time of year to spend time outside with your pigeons. This quarter has found us very busy with workshop plans being finalized and our new Alternate DCM on fire and “getting’ r done.”

Plans for our annual Traditions Workshop have been finalized. The District Committee decided to move the date back a month and our chairperson has completed his work. We’re ready for a great day of fun, fellowship and food. The workshop will take place on July 30 at Our Common Journey from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm. Representation from several groups n our district as well as several districts in our area will be presenting the traditions through their own experience, strength and hope. The menu for the day will be a picnic-style theme so bring an appetite for fried chicken and all the fixin’s. This year’s Traditions Workshop chairperson, Craig V., GSR from Westchase Nooners, has done a fantastic job pulling all this together. Thanks again. Craig.

Speaking of Our Common Journey, they have volunteered to host District 52’s inaugural General Service Conference theme workshop. A “Home Group” workshop is being planned to take place around September. The District committee is hoping for some inspiration and experience from Charles and Gus when they visit next month. Speaking of visitation, we’ve been blessed this past quarter with visits from the P.I. Committee, our Area Chair and Alternate Chair, and the Literature Committee. Many thanks and much love to Cynthia and Patrick; Betsy and Teri; and Ronald, Vernon, John and Randee.

We’ve also recently been blessed with an influx of new representation from more groups. We’re excited about welcoming our new GSRs and the groups they represent to service in SETA.  Through his own higher power’s guidance, I believe this added activity is due largely to our new Alternate DCM, Tom P. Tom gives a whole new meaning to “being on fire.” Thanks, Tom, for your willingness to go to any lengths to help carry the message of Recovery, Service and Unity.

District 52 hopes to see all of you and others at our upcoming events and we wish all of you all the things God has in store for you. Thanks again for the opportunity to serve.


District 60     

Aldrinette C, DCM

Michael M, Alternate DCM


Participation at district 60’s monthly meetings continues to improve, with attendance and new trusted servants being elected at the group level.  The DCM and myself continue to make ourselves available to offer support; encouragement and direction by attending regular meetings and group conscience meetings of the groups in the district.  We have also been blessed by a number of visitors from our area, who have enlightened us with presentations related to the functions of their specific committees.

There are a number of events scheduled in the district which include the following:

v      A Love & Service Workshop to be held at 1:30 P.M. on September 2nd at the Solutions Club located at 7808 Belfort in Houston.  Food will be provided.

v      The Third Tradition will be hosting their Labor Day Marathon at their new location at the 610 Club, which is now located at 5802 Belfort in Houston.

v      The Industrial Group has added the following meetings:  Candlelight Meetings on the first and third Saturdays at 9:30 p.m., following the regular 8:00 P.M. Speakers Meeting.  Also, a Sunday morning meeting will be held at 9:30 A. M. on Sundays.


District 63 

Austroberto R, DCM

Vicente S, Alternate DCM


         District 63 meets every Saturday from 6:00 to 8:00. They have nine groups and 12 GSRs. They go to other groups in the district to motivate them to participate. They have a Corrections Committee of 4 people who go to corrections meetings.


District 64 

Rodolfo C, DCM

Francisco G, Alternate DCM


         District 64 has 10 groups work with 3 committees – La Viña, Literature, and Corrections. We meet every Saturday at 6:00 pm at its present location:  1550 Aldine Bender, Suite H, Houston, TX   77032, telephone 281-219-1894. The DCM and committees visit the groups two times a week to share information and let them know what’s going on at District 64 and Area 67. We also give them information about Hispanic assemblies and the Hispanic Convention being held September 2-4, 2005 in Chicago, Illinois.

         All four Hispanic Districts are having meetings every two months to share information with the purpose of passing on the message of AA as a whole. Our next meeting will be at District 65, 8256 Lawndale, Houston, TX   77012, telephone 713-928-6191. You’re all invited!


District 65

Oscar T,  DCM

Roberto V, Alternate DCM



District 66

Juan T, DCM

Lionel G, Alternate DCM


         District 66 has 15 AA groups and 12 GSRs. We have a Corrections Committee who visit Jester I Unit, Jester III unit and Central Unit on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. We have a hard-working La Viña Committee. District 66 meets every Saturday at 8:00-10:00 pm.


District 70

Debra R, DCM

Raphael E, Alternate DCM


         District 70 has been busy carrying the message. The LCMs Johnny T, Mark R, and Jason N are putting together the Three Legacy Workshops. Recovery was held in Baytown hosted by Young Sobriety. Unity was held in Pasadena hosted by Serenity. Service is in the planning stages to be held in Webster in August. District 70 gratefully hosted the July 2005 Quarterly. The district committees are active and plan to resurrect our newsletter, the “Jaywalker.” CFC Troy W is active putting literature in the city jails. PI is busy putting literature in the health clinics. Our only vacancy, and a big one, is the Grapevine Rep. This will be a challenge to fill this position and support The Grapevine. The delegate will be visiting in August. District 70 is active in SETA as shown by the number of Area Chairs and Alternate Chairs and the GSRs who attend.


District 81


Bill H, Alternate DCM


         District has been very busy since the last quarterly assembly with around thirty people at the district meetings. We are now in the process of setting up our website. With luck it should be in operation before the next quarterly.

         In June Charles P and Gus H came to the meeting. Charles gave us the abbreviated Power Point presentation on the General Service Conference, which was enjoyed by everyone. Gus shared about the amount of donations being down and promoted the Gratitude Dinner in November. In July Betsy G and Terri V joined us to give some very helpful information about this assembly. This was followed by an active question and answer session.

         Put down October 21-23 in your calendar. District 81 is hosting a smash up weekend of Traditions and Concepts with David H (Past Delegate, Area 10) and Gary K (Southwest Regional Trustee). This will be at the Ramada Inn in Galveston, which is at 23rd Street and the Seawall. The registration fee is only $10 for which you will get an ice cream social on Saturday night. The rooms at the Ramada Inn are $60 plus tax. Sign up now since we have only enough room for 200 people.


District 82 

Eileen P, DCM

Jes H, Alternate DCM


            District 82 is going through changes. Existing GSRs and new GSRs are re-evaluating their priorities, that is, re-defining and re-committing their energies to the District.  At each District meeting  with the reading of the Service  Manuel we are learning more about how we can be of better service to the groups in our area.

            This second quarter featured several excellent area representatives.  Betsy G., our area Chairperson, shared with us an instructive report on the financial disposition of the area.  David H., Area Grapevine representative provided some interesting ways to utilize the Grapevine and David H., Area Finance chairperson, shared an interesting and informative report on the changes to the Area Budget.

            May 14, 2005, the Beginners Group in Clute gave an informative and very interesting workshop on "The Home Group".  The workshop provided all attendees and participants in the workshop an opportunity to become better informed on the values of  "The Home Group".

            David A., District 82 CPC chairperson reports that the AA meetings being taken to the Matagorda Jail each week are getting stronger.  The incarcerated members of the jail seem to be very interested in the message we are brought.  They have requested literature however it must be glued not stapled.  We are looking at rebinding some old Grapevines to take to them.

            We are all looking forward to 12th annual "Mouth of the Brazos" conference September 23-25, 2005 at the  Lake Jackson Civic Center, 333 Highway 332. The theme of the conference is "A Spiritual Awakening." To get a registration/flyer call 979-415-2600. The District monthly meetings are being held in the Conoco-Phillips building at 1002 Ashley Wilson road, Sweeny, TX.  We meet at 3 PM on the 1st Sunday of the month with some exceptions.…….. AA Service works in District 82


District 90 

Karen Y, DCM

Harvey H, Alternate DCM


         All committees are going strong and in need of volunteers. Our Treatment Facility Committee is currently in the process of implementing the Bridging the Gap program and we are real excited about that. Our website committee hosted the viewing of the opening flag ceremony of the International Convention. They did a great job putting this together in a short amount of time, and it was a real neat experience. We had Charles and Gus come and give the Delegate’s report in June. We will be having a PI/CPC Workshop at our August District meeting.

         Our District Convention is August 19-21 at the Holiday Inn on I-10 & Walden Road in Beaumont. We look forward to seeing y’all there. If you or someone you know will need a signer or any other type of special needs, please contact Thomas H. I have his number for anyone interested.

         Our District Gratitude Dinner will be held the 1st Saturday in November. We will have more details on this event at a later date. We meet the 1st Sunday of each month at Avenue E & Franklin (Central City Church) in Beaumont. Y’all come visit us; we’d be glad to have you there!



Area Standing Committee Reports



Sarah D, Chairperson


         The Archives Committee meets monthly on the 1st and 2nd Thursday, 7:30 pm, at Intergroup 4140 Directors Row. We discuss committee business at the first meeting and reserve the second meeting for a work session. Quarterly committee meetings are dedicated to a sharing session for the archivists on our committee, other committees and districts.

         During the past quarterly period Area Archives was represented at the District 32 Service Workshop on May 7 and District 40 Traditions Dinner.

         Our focus remains on developing a history for SETA. We’ve begun this project by working on histories for the individual committees. From there we intend to take the broader perspective of the Area as a whole but our main resource has been Area minutes and our minutes don’t go back any further than January 1973. This limitation is not very apparent in our research on the committees but presents a substantial stumbling block for any history on SETA as a whole. Please contact us if you know of any minutes from Area sharing sessions or quarterly meetings before 1973.

         Contact one of the Archives Committee members if you would like to know more about the National Archives Workshop in September in New Orleans.


Correctional Facilities

Zaz M, Chairperson


         About 20 participants attend our monthly meeting, which is the 3rd Wednesday of the month at St. Joseph’s Hospital, from 7:30-9:00 pm. Seven districts have CFC Reps known to the Area Committee.  Many Group reps participate. How about your group and district -- do you know what is happening in Corrections?

         We’re working on the following projects:  Recycling the Grapevine Special Prison Issue. Give a buck, sign an issue, pass it on. There is plenty for everyone. – Asking a commitment of one meeting per month in a jail or prison near you. Try this 12th-step just once. If you like it, have we got a deal for you! Maps of TDCJ units by district are available. – Contacting each county jail to get some books in the library and pamphlets in their hands. There are 31 counties in Area 67. – CF Conference Planning Meeting will be 7/10 at 2 pm. Come be a part of this area function. GSO CFC Staff, Mary Clare, is Saturday’s speaker. Eva P, Assistant Director of TDCJ-SATP is the honorary host. Larry N, District 31, and Rocco M, District 90, are also speakers. – We’re about half way through translating all information for future posting to the Area webpage. We want to utilize the webpage to better communicate to AA members of CFC opportunities.


Cooperation with the Professional Community

Larry B, Chairperson

         The Cooperation with  the Professional Community continues to meet the 1st  Monday of  each month (except when SETA is in session). Our meeting takes place at 6:30 pm at The Houston Council on Alcoholism and Drugs, 303 Jackson Hill.     

         Many of us attended the International Convention in Toronto and found AA and the Cooperation with the Professional Community alive and well.

         We’ve recently done several presentations: Houston Male Summit which was very well attended, and the Texas Corrections in Galveston, with over 300 attendees. We have also done a few presentations recently at the District Level. Please contact us should you wish a presentation in your District.



David H, Chairperson


See Area Committee Report for Finance Report.



Tom K, Chairperson


         Since April’s Area Assembly, we’ve visited the remainder of the SETA district meetings and service committees (including 13 English speaking, 2 Spanish speaking, CFC, Houston Intergroup, various treatment facilities, and district workshops). Special thanks to David, Craig, Deborah, Christopher, Shelly, and any others who supported this extensive “traveling road show” which is still seeking invitations for 1st, 2nd or 3rd visits that are already underway!

         Results to date have increased participation from 7 registered representatives to over 50 Gv Reps and over 20 La Viña Reps as of June 7, 2005. Incidentally, many groups have people willing (and believe) they’re Gv Reps, but Grapevine, Inc., has no knowledge of them. If your Rep is not receiving monthly communications from Grapevine, Inc., please call Tom K at 832-875-7595 for assistance. Oh, by the way, subscriptions are up some 30% since “recruiting” has begun!

         Our monthly Grapevine Committee meets every 4th Thursday of the month (except November) at the Houston Council on Alcohol and Drugs, 303 Jackson Hill, from 6:30-8:00 pm. In addition we meet at Area Assemblies. We welcome all interested Grapevine and La Viña participants to join us in reviving AA’s 2nd oldest literature through which all our experiences, solutions, and guidelines have been discussed and adopted for the Common Welfare of our entire fellowship (informed or not, supporting or not, participating or not) to become the whole program of Recovery, Unity & Service. Is there any Strength and Hope without Unity and Service?



Ronald C, Chairperson


         Well, it’s official; the Literature Committee puppet show is a HIT!!!! The puppet show was performed for District 60 in June and District 52 in July. Laughter definitely followed the performance. DCMs, has the puppet show been presented at your district yet? If not, please contact me or any member of the Literature Committee about scheduling a performance. It is definitely something you have to see to believe. Our rehearsals are held at our monthly meetings the last Saturday of each month at the Delta Club at 12:00 pm. AA pamphlets on different topics are reviewed and discussed at the meeting. So come out, grab a puppet, a pamphlet, or both! Let’s trudge the road together.



Martin M, Chairperson



John S, Chairperson


         We mailed 637 newsletters in June at a cost of about $360. The Registrar and I have not figured out how to remove names from the Newsletter mailing list without also removing them from the mailing list for the minutes. That’s why some of you got the Newsletter in the mail after you requested to receive it by e-mail only. We’ll keep working on it. The deadline for the next newsletter is September 1. Thanks for keeping me sober.


Public Information

Cynthia B, Chairperson

Patrick C, Alternate Chairperson


         Since last SETA our committee has participated in four health fairs and five presentations. I’m happy to say that some of our most outlying districts were able to participate.

         In June we were invited by The Big Thicket newspaper in Rye, Texas, to provide them with an article for publication in their weekly newspaper. The publication date coincided with AA’s 70th anniversary so we took the opportunity to write about that. I don’t know how Bill felt about the Saturday Evening Post article or the article in the Cleveland Plains Dealer, but this opportunity fills me with such gratitude. It showed me that AA is still fulfilling our responsibility to be there when anyone, anywhere reaches out for help.

         Our Alternate, Patrick C., headed a subcommittee which came up with a generic letter outlining the services we offer. Our first target of opportunity is Retirement/Independent Living Homes. Remember, it’s never too late to get sober! We are in the process now of gathering names and addresses of appropriate facilities in each district to receive this letter.

         I would like to thank each Traditions presenter we’ve had so far. They have helped to promote unity in our committee and assure that we are carrying the AA message.

         I would also like to thank Tom K of the Grapevine for such an informative presentation of AA’s meeting in print.



Debi U, Chairperson


         The State Convention Attendance Promotion Committee is a SETA standing committee completely funded by excess convention funds from the State Convention. No SETA budget goes to this committee. Our job is to spend that money promoting attendance at the State Convention in our area. We’re planning to host a hospitality suite at the convention. If anyone attending the convention volunteers some time in the hospitality suite, we’ll pay their registration fee. We’re also going to get a room for men and a room for women. If anyone wants to attend the convention but is prohibited by the room cost, they can stay in one of these rooms. We’re putting the labels from the SETA Convention list on the flyers and will be mailing them out next week. Please help us to promote the State Convention which is coming up August 19-22.


Treatment Facilities

Jeff B, Chairperson


            During the last quarter The Treatment Facilities Committee (TFC) has continued to give Bridging the Gap (BTG) presentations at the Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PARC), the West Oaks Hospital, the Right Step, ADA house in Galveston and the Bonita House. We are continuing daily AA meetings for adults and adolescents at the Harris County Psychiatric Center.  In connection with BTG we are continuing to expand our Temporary Contact Data Base. The form to sign up can be found on the TFC website. Please help carry the message by adding your name to our Temporary Contact Database.  We are working with the Web Site Committee to get a form to sign up working on our web page.

            Efforts are being made to expand into more facilities and the outer portions of the Area.  This can only be accomplished by locals on the ground being willing to serve.  Members of the Committee gave a presentation at District 60.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve and enjoy the privilege of speaking to districts.  We look forward to other district’s invitations. We continue to have work to be done on the committee and are refining the process by which a willing volunteer becomes a trained committee member.  Any help would be appreciated.  Please send your pigeons.



Penny W, Chairperson

Marshall W, Alternate Chairperson


            If you haven’t visited the website, it’s It’s a good resource to find out any information you may need about the Southeast Texas area and the different districts and committees that make up SETA. If you have any information you’d like to have added, please send it to this address.


Intergroup Liaison Reports


Brazos Valley Intergroup

Robert W


            The website for Brazos Valley Intergroup is, and they are looking for a Secretary/Treasurer, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, please contact them.


Houston Intergroup 

Mike D


         Forty of 600 groups send delegates to meetings. All delegates are invited to the Communications Committee which meets the 3rd Thursday of the month, 6:00 pm, at Intergroup. Current focus is on the 20-40 groups who do not contribute to Intergroup, whether financially or any other way. We’re also working on a phone script to encourage this.

         Tom P and Susan P have been involved in developing a list for group contacts. As of June 16, they’ve been able to list 35-40% of the groups in District 52 and some of District 40. Ultimately the aim is to list all Intergroup contacts in Houston. Anonymity is a real issue!

         The Intergroup Corrections Facility Committee meets the 3rd Monday of the month, 8:00 pm, at Intergroup. Chair is Carlos V. The annual Roundup will be August 6, 2005 at the Delta Club. We received a letter from past SETA Delegate, Paul M, regarding continuation of funding the Intergroup CFC. The Board is not ready to vote on this. Intergroup CFC let it be known that it would continue, whatever happened in the future.

         Special elections were held during the 6/16 Delegates meeting to find a replacement for Peter C. who left earlier this year. Chrystal H. was elected.

         The Speakers Bureau now has 60-70 speakers signed up. 200 speakers are needed in Houston monthly for 60 groups.

         The Treasurer reported a contribution from a functioning group was bounced. Recovery of funds is possible, but he did report an increase in bounced checks. Unfortunately, Intergroup is not quite “out of the hole” it’s been in, and needs as much support as possible.


Ninth District Intergroup



Spanish Intergroup

Concha G