Marriott – Houston, Texas

SATURDAY January 8, 2005



I.                   Open – Betsy G and Terri V


Betsy opened the meeting with a moment of silence, followed by the Serenity Prayer. Terri read the preamble to the SETA Policies and Procedures Manual.


II.                Roll Call – June C  (Please see attached)


III.             Recognition of Past Delegates and Guests – Betsy G


Betsy recognized Past Delegate and Southwest Regional Trustee, Beth R, Eva S from GSO, currently working on the Conference Desk, and, Gary K, current Southwest Regional Trustee.


IV.              Approval of October 2, 2004 Area Committee Minutes – Emily McF


The minutes were approved as written.


V.                 Treasurer’s Report – Barbara C


Barbara noted that the first page of the report is a summary. The second page is the detail. The last 4 pages are the district contributions by group. The beginning balance for 2004 was $40,006.17.  The ending balance was $31,249.73. The total restricted reserve is $24,349.20. The total unrestricted funds were $6,900.53 for year-end 2004.


VI.              Delegate’s Report – Charles P


Charles thanked the Assembly for the opportunity to serve for the next two years. This whole fellowship is about supporting each other. The relationships we build here are invaluable.


The Preliminary Agenda for the April 2005 General Service Conference in New York is out. I have sent it to all DCM’s I have addresses for. It is also available in Spanish, which I will be getting to the Multi-Lingual Committee, and Spanish DCM’s.


There will be a SW Regional Hospitality room during the 2005 International Convention in Canada. Area 67 voted to contribute $300 to help with the endeavor. Bill W. from San Antonio, who is heading this up, is asking for each area to select someone to coordinate with him in making this successful. This person should be planning to attend the International.


Support for Area 10, Colorado, GSC Item will not be necessary because the past delegate contacted me with information stating, “Publications Department will handle it. I am supposed to be getting a letter from Chris C, Publications Manager, letting me know what his plans are. I will send it to you when I get it.”


Texas State Convention 2006 will be held here in Houston at this hotel. As you know, I stood for Chair last year. However, because God has decided I need to be delegate during that time, I will step down so others may step up. Much of the work has been done and most of the committee is in place. Therefore, whoever is elected during the April Area Assembly will have a jump start.


Yours in Service, Charles P, Panel 55, Area 67



VII.           Alternate Delegate’s Report – Gus H


Gus commented that it was indeed an honor and privilege to be serving the Area as Alternate Delegate. He talked about SWRAASA, and that we are close to being able to close out. We still need to complete the transcripts and for the workshops, but this is nearly finished. This will be the last expenditure, so we will be able to close the books when complete. It looks like the committee will have a few hundred dollars left over from the original $5,000 received from the Area.


Gus is seeking a host District for the Area Gratitude Dinner, and hopes to have this done this weekend.


Charles and he have talked a lot about what we’ll be doing together this year. His main job is to support Charles.  One of our projects is to get to all the Districts this year. If any of you have any special projects you’d like my help on, give me a call.


VIII.        Convention Chair – Jamie G


Preliminary count is 1,042. Please encourage people to stay at the hotel. Thank you all for being here. Brian R, Convention Co-Chair, has done a tremendous job in working on this conference. If you’ve never participated in a convention, I urge you to do so. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. Thank you for the privilege to serve.


IX.              New Business – Betsey G


Tomorrow at the assembly we were going to be holding elections for three service positions. The first one was the Chair for the Multi-Lingual Committee. Alex R has been serving that position for the last two years. The second one was a Liaison to Spanish Intergroup. These elections will be held in April, when someone will stand for each position. The third position is a Liaison to the District 90 Intergroup. Bennie B has resigned from that position, and there is a candidate willing to stand for the position tomorrow.


We will be asking for someone to stand to serve on the SW Regional Hospitality Committee for the 2005 International Convention.


In April Bonita W will be chairing a workshop on, “Who’s message are we carrying – our message or AA’s message?”


X.                 Finance Committee – David H


This is a brief rundown of your Finance Committee activities since the October assembly:


1.   There was $5,000 in restricted funds for the 2004 SWRAASA that was not used. These funds have been moved to the unrestricted account.

2.      The Public Information Committee requested additional funds for their 2004 budget. The budget was increased by $300.

3.      The new laptop computer for the registrar has been purchased.

4.      The 2005 SETA Convention committee made two requests for advances to offset expenses. The advances ($2,000 and $2,700) were made.

5.      A request form the CPC has been received for a budget increase for 2005 of $120 to cover a new expense.

6.      The tentative date for the budget meeting this year is March 5. A location has not been determined yet. If anyone has a place in mind, please let me know. I encourage all DCMs to have someone from your district participate.


XI.              Announcements – Terri V


First, I just wanted to say I couldn’t ask for a better teacher than Betsy. We started about a month ago with her meeting with me and delegating things to me. We’d like to visit all the districts this year, so if you’d like us to come visit, please let me know.


Tomorrow morning June and Kathy will be at the same table for voting registration. We’ll be doing the district count a little different tomorrow. The changes should  make the count a little more equal. First, all the new GSR’s/DCMs will be counted. Then we’ll do the regular district count. Those new people will count double. We’ll see how that turns out.


For the April Assembly, those committees eligible for suites are CFC, Grapevine, and Finance. If you don’t want a suite, please let me know. Our April Host District will be District 51. I want to thank John O and Vernon L for volunteering their District.


Betsy and I have begun discussion with the Clarion for the 2006-07 contract. I’ve formed a hotel search committee consisting of David S, Paul M, Cynthia B and Tandy B. We’ll be getting bids and submitting them to you at the April Assembly.



XII.           Close – Betsy G


I’d like to recognize Herb G, Class A Trustee serving on our General Service Board at the General Service Office in New York.


I look forward to being a servant for this area for the next two years, and I will see you all tomorrow morning.



Respectfully submitted,


Emily McF