Clarion Inn – Houston, Texas

SATURDAY October 15, 2005



I.                    Open – Betsy G and Terri V


         Betsy opened the meeting with a moment of silence, followed by the Serenity Prayer. 


II.                  Roll Call – June C  (Please see attached)


III.                Approval of July 2005 Area Committee Minutes – Emily McF


         The minutes were approved as written.


IV.                Treasurer’s Report – Barbara C


         Barbara noted that the first page of the report is a summary. The second page is the detail. After that are the district contributions by group.  As you can see, what’s going out is pretty much what’s coming in. The main reason for that is the groups have contributed more money in the last quarter and our income is catching up with our expenses. Page 2 shows what we’ve spent and what we’ve budgeted to spend. The major expenses for this quarter were the Correctional Facilities Committee made their second draw on their budget, and the Delegate’s expenses. Barbara requested that anyone with SETA expenses, please get them to her by the end of the year so she can write the checks and close out the books by December 31.


V.                  Delegate’s Report – Charles P


         It’s good to be here; it’s good to be sober; it’s good to be with friends. It’s been a trying time for us over in Southeast Texas -- Beaumont, Port Arthur, District 90. Most of us evacuated and if you did you didn’t get to come home for a few weeks. If you did, you didn’t have lights or water. Some still don’t have lights. Thank you for your prayers during this time.

         The District 90 Intergroup is struggling. It’s been shut down for 2-3 weeks, and we’re hoping to get some help to them so they don’t have to use up their prudent reserve.

         Since the first of the year, Gus and I traveled over 6,000 miles. It’s been a blessing traveling with Gus, and I look forward to traveling more with him. We have a meeting on the way there, a meeting when we get there, and a meeting on the way home. We’ve visited all the districts except for District 33, which we’re scheduled to visit in November, and District 60. Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity to visit them soon. It’s been a pleasure meeting with all of you. We got to meet with all four Spanish districts at one time, and I want to do that again. It worked out really well. Alex was there to translate, and with the equipment SETA purchased for that purpose, we were able to get one message out through one translation, and answered questions in the same manner. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

         The 55th General Service Conference final reports are in.  I’d like you to take copies back to distribute so each group gets a copy.  There are last names listed, so please respect the confidentiality.

         During Katrina, when the evacuees came here, I received e-mails from all over the U.S. and Canada offering to help in any way they could. The CPC Committee here stepped up along with the Houston Intergroup to carry the message into the facilities and distribute literature. I want to applaud all of you who helped in that.  The same happened during Rita. I e-mailed back saying our Intergroup needed help. The General Service Office was very responsive after both Katrina and Rita by providing free literature, asking what the Intergroup needed and sending it on. I knew they kept in storage back issues of the Grapevine. I asked if they could send some, and they sent boxes of back issues of the Grapevine for distribution. That’s the kind of work the General Service Office does for us. Sometimes we might feel our contributions are going into a black hole, but that’s not the truth. They really are responsive to our needs.       Contributions from the Southeast Texas Area in the last quarter to the General Service Office are up. I want to thank you for that.



VI.                Alternate Delegate’s Report – Gus H


         This is the most unprepared I’ve ever been for an assembly. It’s amazing the things we take for granted, for instance, water, the ability to get onto the internet, the telephone, cell phone.  Life still goes on, but it sure is different. It sure is good to be here.

         In looking at the treasurer’s report, the numbers look good. It looks like more groups are contributing. In the last few years, the average is 25% of the groups contribute, and that number looks like it’s on the rise. I applaud the Area for stepping up to the plate and addressing the issue. Along with that, David will be presenting a revised, balanced budget this weekend. A lot of deep cuts have been made, so take a look at it with an open mind.

         Looks like all systems are go for the Gratitude Dinner in November. We do have a facility; the speaker is lined up, all districts are committed. We’re ready to go.


VII.              New Business – Betsy G


         Betsy asked David Higginbotham, Finance Chair, to give a brief report on the budget proposal which will be up for vote Sunday.

         The ad hoc committee that was appointed to look into the software needs of the Area and to update and revise our records on the computers the Area owns will also give a report Sunday.

         During the general business meeting we’re going to have the election of two positions:  Liaison to District 90 Intergroup, and a chairperson to the SETA 2008 Convention which will be in Bryan College Station.

         John S reported that he placed a notice in the front of the Newsletter requesting people send him a letter or e-mail stating they want to get the Newsletter. So far he received no letters and 5-6 e-mails. The Newsletter budget was cut in the last budget committee meeting by more than half. That means he can mail out half as many Newsletter next year as he mailed out this year. He’s trying to get people to switch to receiving it by e-mail, which would save money. In January he hopes to put a motion before the Assembly to stop mailing the Newsletter to people who haven’t responded in any way to his requests.


VIII.            Announcements –Terri V


         Terri stated again just how wonderful to was to have so many people attending from District 90. All our hearts go out to them and what they’re going through. She also wanted to thank District 40 for the great job they were doing in hosting the Assembly. Our host district for April will be District 31. We’re trying something new this time of having a coffee can at the registration table. That way when you register, people can put money in the can then.

         The suites for the April Assembly go to: CPC, Finance, and Grapevine.

         The Liaison for the Spanish Intergroup stepped down, and there is a candidate who will stand tomorrow.



Respectfully submitted,


Emily McF