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SETA is has defined and documented policies and guidelines with respect to the use of various information technology resources including e-mail, our website, and SETA owned hardware and software (referred to as ‘Assets’), with the purpose of ensuring adherence to A.A. Tradition and of providing robust and secure technology resources to facilitate the purposes of SETA as a whole.

The IT Committee has picked up the work of the 2010 ad-hoc committee and, over the course of 2011-15, has successfully drafted and proposed several sections of what has become either an appendix to the current SETA Policies and Procedures (P & P) manual, or a second document to accompany the P & P manual.  In addition to the recommendations received from the 2010 ad-hoc committee, we have also been reviewed SETA's current policies and past decisions as well as guidelines coming out of G.S.O. and other areas of Alcoholics Anonymous.

As e-mail and anonymity have become a growing concern within SETA, we have addressed this topic first.  Following that, we tackled the topic of web guidelines. And finally, we addressed general IT guidelines, primarily with respect to SETA Assets.

This page contains the current  version of the policy document. All members of SETA are welcome and encouraged to review and provide feedback to the IT Committee.

We hope that you will take some time to review the current approved version and that you will freely submit your questions and comments to mailto: IT Committee.


Approved IT Guidelines:

·        GENERAL Guidelines      Word Version     Prior Version

·        WEB Guidelines

·        EMAIL Guidelines





Resources and References

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·                              (I) April 11, 2015 – IT Workshop

·                              (J) April 12, 2015 – Approval of final section of the IT Guidelines  





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