Here are twelve suggestions for submitting information to post on the SETA Area 67 website.
Please refer to our WEB Guidelines for details.


1.      Email postings for the SETA website to the SETA webmaster at  The webmaster accepts submissions from voting members of the Area Assembly that include all area GSRs, DCMs, Committee Chairs and Officers.

2.      Don't be afraid to ask questions. We IT committee members got on to the committee because we enjoy this stuff.  If we don't know the answer, then we’ll have a chance to learn something new.

3.      Please include your position title and Group/District you are affiliated with if possible in your email correspondence.  If you are a GSR, please cc your DCM in any email correspondence.

4.      Remove all last names, individual’s phone numbers and any email addresses with an identifying name before submitting the information.  The internet is public at the level of press, radio and films. Complete anonymity is our website standard. 

5.      Do not include detailed financial information in your submissions. It is ok to include summary financial information and discussions concerning appropriations. Financial information is usually available to our members at our assemblies and conferences and upon direct request. This website is not an appropriate medium to distribute detailed financial information.

6.      Electronic files are preferred - flyers, handouts, memos on paper are discouraged.  If you don't have the original file, please find out who does then get it and submit it.  In some instances, a printed copy of a flyer is scanned by the requestor then submitted.

7.      Send it as soon as you make it (or find it). If you change it later, then send it again. Once a file is linked on the site it is fairly easy to replace the file for an update.

8.      Don't expect your file to get on the website in less than a week or maybe longer if a lot of requests are coming in at once.  The webmaster may already have a full time job and what passes for a life for dilberts like us.

9.      If you can save the file as a web page (html) then send it to us like that. MS Word (.doc/.docx), Adobe (.pdf), Powerpoint (.ppt/pptx/.ppts), and Excel (.xls/,xlsx) formats are viewable on the site and/or downloaded from the site but not searchable. Or send what you have. If we can't open it, we'll try to advise you how to save it in a format we can use.

10. If you know how to ‘zip’ files, you may do that so the email server will like you.

11.  Please include the actual street address of the event so people can use MapQuest or Google Maps to print a map and directions to the event.

12. All submitted postings are subject to review by the SETA IT Review committee.  This committee is part of the IT Committee and is responsible for reviewing posting content.  In some instances, your requested posting may be returned, rejected or modified to address anonymity breaks or inappropriate content as outlined in our WEB Guidelines.



Updated 04/30/2015