SETA Treatment Facilities Committee (TFC)

Alternate Chair:

Pam F          SETA Home

Sarah O.
Meeka T.

Committee Meetings:
2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM via GoToMeetings
(except Assembly months)
At Area Assembly, Saturday Afternoon  
4:30 - 6:00 PM

TFC Chair Job Description

The Treatment Facilities Committee leads and coordinates the work of AA members and groups in carrying the AA message to alcoholics in treatment facilities.  If you would like to have the Treatment Facilities Committee make a presentation to your group or district, contact the committee chair to set it up.  If you would like to be informed of opportunities to help out with committee work please contact the Committee Chair and you can easily be put on our email update list so that you can be made aware of opportunities to serve.


Bridging the Gap
A Temporary Contact is an A.A. member who assists alcoholic
patients Bridge the Gap between the treatment facility and outside A.A. meetings. Assisting the newcomer aids the contacts' own sobriety and demonstrates A.A.s Singleness of Purpose. The contacts primary purpose is to introduce the newcomer to A.A. meetings near the newcomers home.

Want an easy way to help out?  Print a few copies of this sign up form, take them to the groups you attend at and get them filled out.  Then email them to the Committee Chair.  We need at least a first name, zip code and phone to put you on the list.  The rest of the information just makes our job of connecting the folks leaving treatment with Sober AA's easier.  To learn more about the role of a temporary contact checkout this file.  Please help us carry the message!  Thanks!



Committee Meeting Minutes (20 posted)


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