SETA Correctional Facilities Committee (CFC)


Chair: Christopher D. Alt Chair: Roy E.
Secretary: Diane M. Treasurer: Amy E.
C.C.S./Pre-Release: Tammy Z. Blue Can: Richard D.
IT Liaison: Cindy M.    
Spanish Liaison: Luis Grapevine: Roland R.
Literature: Larry L. Conference Chair: Cindy M.


CFC Chair Job Description

CFC Approved Guidelines

Committee Meeting Minutes

Committee Meetings:
3rd Wednesday of every month

7:30-9:00 P.M. @ D66 Office
5645 Hillcroft, Suite 410

Houston, TX 77036

Quarterly meetings are on Saturday at 4:30 PM
At the SETA Assembly

Mailing Address:
(Correspondence or Funds)
PO BOX 925241
Houston, TX 77292-5241

Email Address:


CFC Meeting Directions:



Committee meetings are open to anyone interested in helping with this great 12-step work and service opportunity.

We hope to see you there, and be sure to bring a friend, sponsor, or sponsee.



Southeast Texas Area (SETA) CFC carries the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the suffering alcoholic behind the walls of our local, county, and state jails, as well as state and federal prisons. 


 What Do We Do: 

·       Take AA meetings into correctional facilities.

·       Distribute AA literature purchased with your generous BLUE CAN donations.

·       Answer letters from incarcerated inmates through the Correspondence Program.

·       Set up contacts for pre-release inmates to assist in getting them to their first AA meeting upon release.

·       Carry the message through setting up information tables at workshops and conventions.


Download the 2015 SETA CFC Workshop (PDF)  (PPTX) to learn the history and information of AA in Texas prisons.


 How You Can Help:

Contact us at CFC@AA-SETA.ORG.
Carrying the message to inmates in Texas is rewarding and uplifting service work. There are several service opportunities from which to choose, and most do not require entering a correctional facility. Each service function is an important part of the overall CFC mission to bring the AA message to incarcerated inmates.


 Outside Service Opportunities:

·       Host a BLUE CAN at your group. The BLUE CAN contributions go toward purchasing AA-approved literature for incarcerated inmates.

·       Correspond with an inmate to share the message of AA recovery through your experience, strength, and hope.

·       Be a Pre-Release Contact. As a Pre-Release Contact, you will meet an inmate upon release and take him/her to their first AA meeting.

·       Participate in the CFC Committee, and help facilitate and support all CFC activities.

·       Host a CFC information table at workshops and conventions.

·       Promote CFC service work within your group. Download and distribute the CFC “How Can I Help” information flyer.


 Inside Service Opportunities:

·       Facilitate a meeting for alcoholics in state jails or state and federal prisons. Approved TDCJ volunteer status required.

·       Facilitate a meeting for alcoholics in county jails. Requirements are dependent on county and facility.

·       How It Works - Twelfth Step in Correctional Facilities - Flyer




 Volunteer Approval Process:


·       Must be 18 years or older

·       Must not have any pending criminal charges

·       Must have been released from an adult correctional facility for at least 18 months

·       If you are on any type of adult supervision, you will be required to provide a letter from your supervising officer stating they are aware you are wishing to become a volunteer for the TDCJ

·       Must be 18-month from the disposition date of any criminal charges (Excluding traffic tickets)

 If unable to attend a voluntee training session, you may either:

·       download the application, complete it, print, then send by fax or,

·       download and print the application, complete it by hand, then send by postal mail

Both fax number and postal address are inside the forms below, as well as the Volunteer Handbook Guide

       Volunteer Handbook        Volunteer Application        Solicitud de Voluntario

If you have a specific question regarding your eligibility, you are encouraged to contact TDCJ Volunteer Services at (936) 437-3026



 Literature Order Forms:

Literature Order Form - XLSX (08/12/17)

Literature Order Form - PDF (08/12/17)


 Committee Meeting Minutes and Reports




        September 21-23, 2018 - South East Texas Area Correctional Facilities Conference



CCS Pamphlet

 TDCJ AA Unit Meetings:        


        TDCJ AA Unit Meetings PDF (1/1/2017)

        TDCJ AA Unit Map Locations (3/26/2017)


  TDCJ Volunteer Training Schedule






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Note: We have provided several links to facilitate information about local AA related activities and services outside the SETA website.  These links do not constitute or indicate review, endorsement, or approval of such activities and services as they pertain to Alcoholics Anonymous.

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