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EVENT DATE Motion Action Category
M1977-003 Quarterly Meeting 02/06/77 Jane H. made a motion that we adopt a  more positive attitude toward General Service and General Service work. Bob P. from G.S.O. suggested we show a film on the A.A. Service Structure and the GSR Job. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 22, 24, 
M1977-007 Quarterly Meeting 04/03/77 The question of dividing the $1,224.10 between Intergroup in Houston and the New York G.S.O. office was discussed. Syde S. made the motion that all the money be sent to New York and the motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1,  15, 24,
M1978-004 Quarterly Meeting 04/10/78 Don A. made a motion that the $201.84 be sent to the General Service Office in New York and it was seconded and unanimously passed. Passed 1, 24,
M1979-006 Quarterly Meeting 04/08/79 Motion was made, seconded and passed to send the remaining $2703.28 of the 1979 SETA Conference money to GSO in New York. Passed 1, 17, 24
M1981-008 Quarterly Meeting 04/12/81 Don A. moved to split the conference profit with G.S.O. by sending $924.59 to G.S.O. and keeping the same amount in the reserve. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 17, 24
M1981-015 Quarterly Meeting 10/13/81 Olga M. made a motion to write G.S.O. to ask if we would break a Tradition if we accepted checks from clubs, and if so in what form could we accept money? The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 22, 24
M1982-012 Quarterly Meeting 04/04/82 Bud S., Chair of the 1982 Conference,  gave his report. $3,604.76 was the net excess of income over expenses. A motion was made to send 60% to Intergroup, keep 30% in the area, and send 10% to G.S.O.. Motion was withdrawn. Failed 1, 15, 17. 24
M1982-015 Quarterly Meeting 04/04/82 A motion was made , seconded and passed to send $100.00 to G.S.O. as a memorial to Don A., past delegate. Passed 1, 24, 26
M1984-017 Quarterly Meeting 10/14/84 Frenchy L. moved that we nominate Dick W. as our Trustee At Large for the position at New York. George S. seconded the motion and the motion passed. Passed 1, 24,
M1984-019 Dick W. withdrew as nominee for Trustee At Large. George S. moved that we submit Martha W.  for Trustee At Large position at New York. The motion was seconded and passed.
M1990-017 Rodney R. made a motion to make a contribution to the General Service Office in the amount of $10,000.00 from the S.E.T.A. It was seconded by Kathie G. . It was voted on and passed.
M1990-021 Quarterly Meeting 07/22/90 A motion was made to change the recommended percentages that we send out to groups to 30% to GSO, 30% to Area, 20% to Intergroup, and 20% to District. It was seconded, voted on and passed. Passed 1, 22, 24,
M1990-028 Quarterly Meeting 07/22/90 Proposal that Area Assembly set a certain percent of their balance at the same time each year to GSO. Motion to table until next quarterly assembly. Seconded and passed. Tabled 1, 24,
M1990-029 Quarterly Meeting 10/14/90 A motion was made by Ellen E. and seconded by Gary C. to appoint an Ad Hoc committee to look into the percentage set for group contributions to GSO, Area, District, and Intergroup. The motion was voted on and passed. Passed 1, 15, 21, 22, 24,
M1993-006 Quarterly Meeting 04/04/93 A motion was made by Sam Bragg that $1000 of the 1993 SETA Conference surplus be sent to GSO and that the remaining monies be rotated in the budget. Second by Gary. Motion failed. No minority rebuttal. See 04/04/93 minutes and the "Additional Recommendations for group consideration" in the Proposed Budget report  for more details on this motion. Failed 1, 5, 6, 17, 24,
M1993-010 Quarterly Meeting 07/11/93 Teresa P. made a motion that the budget for 1994 is accepted along with the Committee's recommendation, that any positive cash flow that we have over the budget up to $2000 will be sent to GSO to pay our Delegate expenses to the G S Conference. The minority opinion was heard but a revote was not called for. Passed 1, 5, 18, 24,
M1994-005 Quarterly Meeting 01/16/94 Motion by Helen McC. that the Area send $2000 to GSO to cover the Delegate Expenses. Jan M. clarified that the Area has sent over $66 now and that the motion should be amended to state that the Area send a total of $2600  to GSO. Motion passed as amended. Passed 1, 5, 6, 18, 24, 25,
M1994-026 Quarterly Meeting 10/10/94 Finance Committee recommends the following proposed amendment to P &PM: Section E, Finances by adding paragraph 6 "The Reserve Account #1736024 of SETA Assembly shall not exceed the sum of: A) the 6 month Prudent Reserve of the subsequent budget year, B) The Conference Reserve, C) The Contingency Reserve of $5000. Any excess funds will be contributed to the General Service Office yearly." The recommendation failed. Failed 1, 6, 20, 24,
M1996-009 Quarterly Meeting 10/06/96 Recommended the Beth R. be nominated for Trustee at Large position now open at GSO. Motion passed. Passed 1, 16, 24,
M1998-016 Quarterly Meeting 10/11/98 Move to send GSO $100 in memory of David A. & $100 in memory of Raul M. Motion passed. Passed 1, 6, 24
M2000-018 Quarterly Meeting 10/08/00 Motion to send $100 to GSO in memory of Bud S. Motion passed. Passed 1, 24, 26
M2004-013 Quarterly Meeting 04/04/04 Beth Rabren made a motion to send $100.00 to the General Service Fund in memory of Russell Cook, Past Delegate. Gus Henry seconded the motion. Motion passed. Passed 1, 24, 26
M2004-024 Quarterly Meeting 10/03/04 Mike Divin stood and was elected as a the SETA candidate for Trustee-at-Large position at GSO. Passed 1, 16, 24, 26 
M2005-014 Quarterly Meeting 04/10/05 The Finance Committee recommended that the Area not fund the expense of $320 to rent space for the Webcast of the International Convention. The motion passed. Passed 1,6,17,24,26
M2005-016 Quarterly Meeting 04/10/05 A motion was made by Bahiyyah W. and seconded by Jeff B. to have SETA support hosting a Webcast of the International Convention Flag Ceremony. The motion passed.  Passed 1,6,17,24,26
M2005-021 Quarterly Meeting 07/10/05 Beth R. made a motion to send $100 in memory of Helen McC to GSO. Bill B seconded the motion. The motion passed Passed 1,24,26
M2006-005 Quarterly Meeting 04/09/06 David made a motion to send a $100 memorial fund to the General Service Office for Olga Morris. The motion was seconded by Charles P. The motion passed. Passed 1,24,26
M2006-016 Quarterly Meeting 07/09/06 A motion was made to amend the 2006 budget by $550 to cover the cost of having Don M., AAWS Director, attend the October Assembly to conduct the Third Legacy Workshop and assist in elections. The motion passed.  Passed 1,5,6,16,24
M2007-003 Quarterly Meeting 01/14/07 Gus H. made a motion to send a $100 memorial contribution to GSO in the name of Jane S. Passed 1, 24,26
M2008-003 Quarterly Meeting 04/13/08 A motion was made to invite a Trustee to attend our Area Elections in October. The cost not to exceed $600.00. The motion passed. Passed 1,6, 16, 24,
M2008-014 Quarterly Meeting 10/05/08 A motion was made by Gus H. and seconded by Charles P. to send $100 memorial contribution to the G.S.O. in memory of Linda O.  The motion passed. Passed 1, 24,26
M2008-017 Quarterly Meeting 10/05/08 Harold P. and Mike D. was nominated and Harold P. was elected as the SETA Nominee for the G.S.B. Trustee at Large position in April 2009.  Motion passed. Passed 1, 16, 24, 26 
M2010-021 Quarterly Meeting 10/03/10 Paul M., Gus H. and Harold P. stood and Paul M. was selected as the Southwest Regional Trustee nominee from SETA. Passed 1, 16, 24, 26