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EVENT DATE Motion Action Category
M1982-011 Quarterly Meeting 04/04/82 A motion was made to allow the alternate delegate to chair a Gratitude Dinner each year, in November. Motion was seconded and carried. Passed 1, 23, 25, 26
M1983-024 Monthly Sharing Session 09/11/83 A motion was made by Jim R., seconded by Beth C. and approved that the Gratitude Dinner be held in Alvin rather than Houston. Passed 1, 23,
M1984-015 Quarterly Meeting 10/14/84 Bill C. moved that we increase the Gratitude Dinner budget from $150.00 to $300.00 for this year. The motion was seconded and carried. Passed 1, 5, 23, 
M1991-012 Quarterly Meeting 07/14/91 A motion was made by Martha W. that the SETA Assembly pay the cost of the gratitude dinner to express our gratitude to the individuals and groups. It was seconded by Olga M. and carried. A revote was called for & was defeated. Passed 1, 22, 23, 26,
M2005-024 Quarterly Meeting 07/10/05 The Finance Committee received a proposal to make the Gratitude Dinner a self-supporting event, as apposed to the current status of being an Area expense only; that AA attendees contribute $5 each to attend the dinner; any AA who cannot afford the $5 contribution may attend anyway; and the Area Treasury will absorb any costs not covered by contributions, and will receive the excess proceeds if contributions are greater than expenses. The motion failed. Failed 1,6,23,26
M2006-010 Quarterly Meeting 04/09/06 The motion was passed to table the motion on self support for the Gratitude Dinner. Betsy will appoint an ad hoc committee to research this request. Tabled 1,21,23