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M1977-003 Quarterly Meeting 02/06/77 Jane H. made a motion that we adopt a  more positive attitude toward General Service and General Service work. Bob P. from G.S.O. suggested we show a film on the A.A. Service Structure and the GSR Job. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 22, 24, 
M1979-008 Quarterly Meeting 04/08/79 Motion was made, seconded and passed that the Assembly give approval to the Districts to Re-district. Passed 1, 22,
M1979-013 Quarterly Meeting 07/08/79 A motion was made and seconded to  ask the groups how they feel about the Assembly underwriting the expenses of any two people in the assembly to the Forum. Motion carried. Passed 1, 17, 22,
M1980-005 Quarterly Meeting 04/13/80 Motion was made by Mike F. that we include in the next mail out a copy of the proposed budget and a list of groups contributing to the support of the area, based on the New York directory. Passed 1, 5, 22, 
M1981-015 Quarterly Meeting 10/13/81 Olga M. made a motion to write G.S.O. to ask if we would break a Tradition if we accepted checks from clubs, and if so in what form could we accept money? The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 22, 24
M1982-019 Quarterly Meeting 07/11/82 A motion was made to accede to the wishes of the GSRs in District 3 to split the District along lines recommended by them. Passed 1, 22
M1982-021 Quarterly Meeting 10/10/82 Beth C., treasurer, read group contributions and reported a balance of $3635.74 in the checking account and $3400 in the savings account. The report was approved as read. Passed 1, 22,
M1983-007 Area Committee Meeting 04/10/83 It was moved, seconded and approved that no flyers be included in the area announcements, mailed each month by the area secretary. Passed 1, 22,
M1983-009 Area Committee Meeting 04/10/83 It was moved, seconded and approved that the Policies and Procedures Guidelines in final draft form be submitted to each group for their discussion, after such final draft was completed by the Area Assembly. Passed 1, 20, 22,
M1983-022 It was moved, seconded and approved that the request by Eunice S., DCM 5E, to move the boundaries between District 5E and 5W from Gessner to Fondren to lighten the load of groups in 5E.
M1983-026 It was moved, seconded and approved that the sign "The Turning Point" from the 1983 State Convention be given to the group of the same name in Houston.
M1984-018 Quarterly Meeting 10/14/84 Tot L. moved that we change our 60-30-10 form to 50-30-10-10 in order to allow districts to support their DCMs. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 15, 22
M1985-001 Quarterly Meeting 01/13/85 Frenchy L. moved that we print the group names and the amount of their contributions in the area newsletter. The motion was seconded by Fred F. and passed. Passed 1, 11, 22, 26
M1985-010 Quarterly Meeting 07/14/85 Fred F moved that we have a workshop for GSR and DCMs in September. Elsie C.  seconded the motion and it passed. Passed 1, 19, 22,
M1986-010 Quarterly Meeting 10/12/86 Fred F. moved that we approve the new contributions sheet form and have it printed for the following year. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 15, 22
M1988-003 Quarterly Meeting 04/10/88 Joanie M. made a motion that we accept District 3N or 33 as a new district with Ray B. as DCM. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 22, 26,
M1989-010 Quarterly Meeting 04/02/89 Helen M. said the Policies and Procedures Manual requires the budget for the following year be voted on no later than July. She made a motion that the budget be ready by June 1st and mailed in a special mailing to the GSR. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 5, 20, 22
M1989-018 Quarterly Meeting 10/08/89 Carol M. made a motion to approve the District 3 request for boundary changes. Kathy S. seconded the motion. The motion was approved. Passed 1, 22,
M1989-021 Quarterly Meeting 10/08/89 Kathy said that we will only have one workshop because the January workshop is in conjunction with the 1990 SETA Convention. A motion was made to change the name of the  workshop on January to "GSR: Home Group" The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 19, 22,
M1990-021 Quarterly Meeting 07/22/90 A motion was made to change the recommended percentages that we send out to groups to 30% to GSO, 30% to Area, 20% to Intergroup, and 20% to District. It was seconded, voted on and passed. Passed 1, 22, 24,
M1990-029 Quarterly Meeting 10/14/90 A motion was made by Ellen E. and seconded by Gary C. to appoint an Ad Hoc committee to look into the percentage set for group contributions to GSO, Area, District, and Intergroup. The motion was voted on and passed. Passed 1, 15, 21, 22, 24,
M1991-006 Quarterly Meeting 04/14/91 A motion was made seconded and approved to purchase a professional map of the Southeast Texas Area defining all districts according to their present boundaries. The estimates cost is $300. Passed 1, 22, 26,
M1991-012 Quarterly Meeting 07/14/91 A motion was made by Martha W. that the SETA Assembly pay the cost of the gratitude dinner to express our gratitude to the individuals and groups. It was seconded by Olga M. and carried. A revote was called for & was defeated. Passed 1, 22, 23, 26,
M1991-029 Quarterly Meeting 07/14/91 Assembly approved redistricting of District 65, Our Spanish Speaking District, into two districts. East and West with I45 as the boundary. Passed 1, 22, 26
M1992-011 Quarterly Meeting 07/12/92 A motion was made and seconded to remove the "Pie Chart" from our mailers. The motion failed. Failed 1, 22,
M1993-003 Quarterly Meeting 01/10/93 After discussion on the issue of LCMs voting it was determined by vote that LCMs will not have a vote in the SETA Assembly. Passed 1, 20, 22, 26,
M1993-012 Quarterly Meeting 07/11/93 A motion was made by Dick that District 3N be included in the Conference Rotation for the year 1996. It was seconded by Bill M. The motion passed. Passed 1, 17, 22, 26,
M1994-016 Quarterly Meeting 04/10/94 District 2 DCM reported that a group in District 2 had moved out of the district but requested to stay in District 2. Motion was made and seconded to allow them to remain in District 2. Motion passed. Passed 1, 22,
M1995-009 Quarterly Meeting 04/09/95 The P&P Committee recommended the following amendments to the SETA Policies and Procedures Manuel: 1) Pages 4&5. One Area Secretary; add Area Records Committee Chairperson. 2) Page 9#4 The Finance Committees responsibility shall be: To prepare the proposed budget for the following fiscal year, to study/review the needs of the assembly as a whole as they relate to income and expense and to ensure a healthy but practical Area financial status that honors the intent of the Seventh Tradition. The committee will have a voting chairperson plus other members, including the Area Treasurer and non-voting, at large members equally representing the geographic segments of the SETA Area. 3) Page 9#5 The Budget Sub-committee for the Finance Committee shall consist of the Area Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, and any assembly member requiring funding for approved area service work. The proposed budget for the following fiscal year will be presented to the assembly at the second quarterly meeting of the current year and voted on by the assembly no later than the third quarterly assembly meeting.  Passed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 20, 22, 25, 26,
4) Page 11 first paragraph, Any member willing to stand for any Area Committee job must be present or submit their intentions in writing. 5) Page 11 #1, The Area Secretary shall insure that all voting members are assigned numbered badges upon registering at each quarterly assembly. The numbered badges assigned will represent the roll of qualified voters. Prior to voting, that roll will be called to verify that all are present  and to identify any qualified voters missed in the registration process. Attendance by a member of the assembly will be required for that member to exercise the voting privilege. 6) Page 11 #5 Election of all Area Officers will follow the Third Legacy Procedure as outlined in the A.A. Service Manual. Election of Alternate Officers, Chairpersons of Assembly approved committees and Liaisons to Intergroups will be by written ballot with a majority required. 7) Page 12. Rename Area Conference to Convention. 
8) Page 12c. Disposition of any surplus money from the Convention to be recommended by the Finance Committee and approved by the Area Assembly. The assembly unanimously accepted the new Policies and Procedures manual as amended.
M1996-008 Quarterly Meeting 10/06/96 Motion for redistricting District 81-82-83 by making Hwy 6 the division of 81 & 82. Alvin/Taylor Street Club moves to 82. East of Hwy 6 would be 81. Motion passed Passed 1, 22,
M1998-019 Quarterly Meeting 10/11/98 Move for Market Street Group to move to District 60 from District 70. Motion passed. Passed 1, 22,
M2000-019 Quarterly Meeting 10/08/00 Motion to let the Needville Group move from District 52 to District 82. Motion passed. Passed 1, 22
M2004-019 Quarterly Meeting 10/03/04 District 65 DCM made a motion that District 65 be splitted into two separate districts. The Districts to be called District 64 & District 65. The motion carried Passed 1, 20, 22, 26 
M2005-001 Quarterly Meeting 01/09/05 Motion to split District 66 into two districts, to be called District 63 and District 66. Motion carried.  Passed 1,20,22,26
M2005-026 Quarterly Meeting 07/10/05 John S, Newsletter Editor, wanted to get a sense of the Assembly to stop mailing the Newsletter, at least for 2006. Move the Newsletter job under a different committee. It’s a one-person job; a committee is not needed. "The sense of the Area was to be open to consider canceling the printing of the Newsletter in 2006.”  Passed 1,11,22,
M2006-004 Quarterly Meeting 04/09/06 Area Convention funds should be separated from the Southeast Texas Area budget and account. A separate restricted fund should be established for convention monies. A suggested cap of $15,000 should be placed on this account. Any monies over the cap will be directed to the Finance Committee for a recommendation.The motion passed. Betsy will appoint an ad hoc committee to revise the wording in the Policies & Procedures Manual. Passed 1,5,6,17,20,21, 22,26,
M2006-019 Quarterly Meeting 10/08/06 An Area Action passed in January to separate the convention funds from the SETA budget and Betsy would appoint an ad hoc committee to revise the wording in the Policy and Procedures Manual. The final recommendation for changes to the Policies and Procedures Manual is ready for a vote and comes out of the Committee as a motion and a second. The motion passed. Passed 1,5,6,17,20,21, 22,26,
M2006-020 Quarterly Meeting 10/08/06 The motion passed to fund the annual Gratitude Dinner by voluntary contributions of AA members in Area 67. Contributions can be made throughout the year and by passing the basket at the event. Passed 1,21,22,26
M2006-021 Quarterly Meeting 10/08/06 Carol E made a motion that the Treasurer be allowed to do another mail out that doesn’t require additional funds. David H seconded the motion. The motion passed. Passed 1,5,6,22,
M2007-007 Quarterly Meeting 04/15/07 The ad hoc committee on Pie Charts motioned that we support each of these group services with contributions from your group treasury after all expenses have been met. The motion passed. Passed 1, 21,22 
M2007-008 Quarterly Meeting 04/15/07 The Finance Committee motions that the Treasurer be given $200 for a mail out to the groups: This will be a Thank You letter to all the groups that have made a contribution to the Area and a letter that goes to all the groups that have not made a contribution to the Area, letting them know that we are here and we would like their contribution. The motion passed. Passed 1,6,22,25
M2008-001 Quarterly Meeting 01/20/08 There was a motion and a second out of the Grapevine Committee to create a SETA "La Viña Standing Committee. After much discussion the motion passed 41 - 14 for. Passed 1,7,20,22,26
M2008-011 Quarterly Meeting 07/13/08 A motion and a second from the Archives committee was made to amend the P&PM, page 4 The Area Assembly to read "The only exception in Area 67 is the non-rotating position of Archives Committee Archivist." The motion passed.  Passed 1,2,20,22,26
M2009-017 Quarterly Meeting 07/12/09 District 90 motioned to fund 3 people from each of the 17 district to attend the 2009 Regional Forum in Dallas at the rate of $250.00 per person. The total would be 51 x $250= $12,750.00 Failed 1, 6, 22
M2011-001 Quarterly Meeting 01/16/11 Dennis M of the TLC Group stood for the position of Liaison to Beaumont (9th District) Intergroup. He had filled the position for a partial term and stated that he would like to continue
in the position.  Motion made to accept by acclimation.  Motion seconded.  The vote was unanimous.
Passed 1, 15, 16, 22
M2011-004 Quarterly Meeting 04/10/11 Motion to amend the Third Edition of the “South East Texas Area (SETA) Policies and Procedures Manual” to mandate that each Agenda topic requiring approval of eligible voting members be submitted in writing to the Area Chairperson at least 45 days before the date of the next Assembly; and, that each Agenda topic, and pertinent background, be distributed to all eligible voting members at least 30 days before the next Assembly to assure that the Agenda topic is afforded the benefit of a fully informed group conscience, in accord with Tradition Two. Motion passed with substantial unanimity. Passed 1, 20, 22, 25, 
M2011-005 Quarterly Meeting 04/10/11 The Groups of District 66, located in the Southwest sector of Area 67, move to re-district into two Districts with the common boundary between them being: From corner of Hwy 71 and Hwy 59 N. in El Campo; Hwy 59 N to Spur 529; Spur 529 to Hwy 90 E.; Hwy 90 E to Beltway 8; Beltway 8 SE to Hwy 288 thus dividing the western and eastern borders at end points, and the new District, to be known as District 62, retains the southern border of Area 67.  Motion passed unanimously. Passed 1, 20, 22
M2011-021 Quarterly Meeting 10/02/11 District 66 made a motion to hire a professional translator.  $1200 year-4 Assemblies, provide oral translations and written sumary, will be an AA member. Motion passed. Passed 1, 9, 22, 26