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EVENT DATE Motion Action Category
M1981-006 Quarterly Meeting 04/12/81 Martha W. moved to have an all day workshop on June 14 in lieu of the regularly scheduled sharing session. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 19,
M1983-025 Monthly Sharing Session 09/11/83 It was moved, seconded and approved the November workshop bid  extended by the La Branch Street Group be accepted. Passed 1, 19, 
M1984-016 Quarterly Meeting 10/14/84 A motion was made to have only a sharing session in November, we will not have any workshops this year. The motion passed. Passed 1, 19,
M1985-010 Quarterly Meeting 07/14/85 Fred F moved that we have a workshop for GSR and DCMs in September. Elsie C.  seconded the motion and it passed. Passed 1, 19, 22,
M1986-009 Quarterly Meeting 07/13/86 Bill moved that we have a workshop in November on the Duties of the GSR. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 19,
M1988-005 Quarterly Meeting 07/10/88 A motion was made by Helen M. to repeat the workshops (1) Duties & Responsibilities of Area Officers & Committeeman and (2) SETA Service Structure & Election Procedures at the 1990 July Assembly with no other workshops being held concurrently. The motion was seconded Passed 1, 19,
M1988-007 Quarterly Meeting 07/10/88 Jay C. made a motion that in the future it would be the conscience of this assembly that committee meetings not be scheduled at the same time area workshops are being held. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 19,
M1989-021 Quarterly Meeting 10/08/89 Kathy said that we will only have one workshop because the January workshop is in conjunction with the 1990 SETA Convention. A motion was made to change the name of the  workshop on January to "GSR: Home Group" The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 19, 22,
M1999-007 Quarterly Meeting 04/11/99 Motion to have a "Introductory To Area Service" workshop to be held on Saturday morning of the January Convention during the time of the Area Committee meeting. Motion passed Passed 1, 19
M2006-018 An amended motion was made to remove the "Correctional Facilities Workshop Advance" and the "2006 Correctional Facilities Workshop Advance Return" line items in the 2007 budget and to increase the "CFC Budget" and "Miscellanous Contributions" line items by $1000 each. The amended motion passed.