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M1977-007 Quarterly Meeting 04/03/77 The question of dividing the $1,224.10 between Intergroup in Houston and the New York G.S.O. office was discussed. Syde S. made the motion that all the money be sent to New York and the motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1,  15, 24,
M1977-013 Quarterly Meeting 07/13/77 Motion was made, seconded and passed that the SETA Assembly support and cooperate with the Intergroup Correctional Committee and that our Alternate Delegate represent General Service in the Southeast Texas Area  at the Correctional Committee Meetings. Passed 1, 4, 15,
M1979-020 Quarterly Meeting 10/14/79 Don A. made a motion to elect a new liaison to Intergroup. The motion was seconded and failed. Failed 1, 15, 16,
M1981-018 Quarterly Meeting 10/13/81 Martha W. moved that the assembly pay for spot announcements for radio stations in Jasper, Wharton, Bay City, Cleveland and Beaumont since intergroup would not pay for them. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 10, 15, 
M1982-012 Quarterly Meeting 04/04/82 Bud S., Chair of the 1982 Conference,  gave his report. $3,604.76 was the net excess of income over expenses. A motion was made to send 60% to Intergroup, keep 30% in the area, and send 10% to G.S.O.. Motion was withdrawn. Failed 1, 15, 17. 24
M1982-013 Quarterly Meeting 04/04/82 The next motion was made to keep the first $1000.00 of the 1982 Conference net income as a prudent reserve and then distribute the rest in the same 60-30-10 ratio as the first motion. Motion was defeated. Failed 1, 15, 17. 25
M1982-014 Quarterly Meeting 04/04/82 A third motion was made about the 1982 Conference net income. The motion was to send 40% to Houston Intergroup, 20% to 9th District Intergroup, keep 30% in the area, and send 10% to G.S.O.. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 15, 17. 26
M1984-018 Quarterly Meeting 10/14/84 Tot L. moved that we change our 60-30-10 form to 50-30-10-10 in order to allow districts to support their DCMs. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 15, 22
M1986-002 Special Called Meeting 02/09/86 There was quite a bit of discussion on whether or not to give the Montgomery County Intergroup our mailing list. Joanie moved that this issue be tabled and that we talk about it more in April. Fred seconded the motion and it passed. Passed 1, 15,
M1986-005 Fred moved that we not give our mailing list to any Intergroup office. The motion was seconded and passed.
M1986-010 Fred F. moved that we approve the new contributions sheet form and have it printed for the following year. The motion was seconded and passed.
M1987-011 Quarterly Meeting 07/12/87 Rhona W. , Archives Committee Chairman, presented 5 proposals to vote on one for location to house archives. Assembly passed to house the archives at the Houston Intergroup office. Passed 1, 2, 15, 26,
M1988-008 Quarterly Meeting 10/09/88 A motion was made, seconded that SETA not send anyone to the Central Office/ Intergroup seminar in Dallas since Houston Intergroup is sending someone. Passed 1, 15,
M1989-007 Quarterly Meeting 04/02/89 Ellen made a motion we give the State Corrections Committee this one time $500.00 for seed money. It was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 4, 15, 26,
M1990-026 Quarterly Meeting 10/14/90 Rodney R. made a motion to delete the office of Liaison to Houston Intergroup Corrections Committee from the Policy and Procedures Manual. Jay C. seconded it and it carried. Passed 1, 15, 20, 26,
M1990-029 Quarterly Meeting 10/14/90 A motion was made by Ellen E. and seconded by Gary C. to appoint an Ad Hoc committee to look into the percentage set for group contributions to GSO, Area, District, and Intergroup. The motion was voted on and passed. Passed 1, 15, 21, 22, 24,
M1991-015 Quarterly Meeting 07/14/91 A motion was made, seconded to fund Rodney R. to the AAWS Intergroup seminar in Memphis, Te. The motion was defected. Failed 1, 15, 17,
M1992-012 Quarterly Meeting 07/12/92 A motion was made seconded and passed to leave the title "Liaison to the Spanish Speaking Intergroup" as is. Passed 1, 15,
M1993-009 Quarterly Meeting 07/11/93 Jan M. made a motion and Sam seconded it to accept the proposal to remove the position of "Liaison to Correctional Committee" be deleted from the Policy and Procedure Manual. The motion carried. Passed 1, 4, 15, 20, 26,
M1995-009 Quarterly Meeting 04/09/95 The P&P Committee recommended the following amendments to the SETA Policies and Procedures Manuel: 1) Pages 4&5. One Area Secretary; add Area Records Committee Chairperson. 2) Page 9#4 The Finance Committees responsibility shall be: To prepare the proposed budget for the following fiscal year, to study/review the needs of the assembly as a whole as they relate to income and expense and to ensure a healthy but practical Area financial status that honors the intent of the Seventh Tradition. The committee will have a voting chairperson plus other members, including the Area Treasurer and non-voting, at large members equally representing the geographic segments of the SETA Area. 3) Page 9#5 The Budget Sub-committee for the Finance Committee shall consist of the Area Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, and any assembly member requiring funding for approved area service work. The proposed budget for the following fiscal year will be presented to the assembly at the second quarterly meeting of the current year and voted on by the assembly no later than the third quarterly assembly meeting.  Passed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 20, 22, 25, 26,
4) Page 11 first paragraph, Any member willing to stand for any Area Committee job must be present or submit their intentions in writing. 5) Page 11 #1, The Area Secretary shall insure that all voting members are assigned numbered badges upon registering at each quarterly assembly. The numbered badges assigned will represent the roll of qualified voters. Prior to voting, that roll will be called to verify that all are present  and to identify any qualified voters missed in the registration process. Attendance by a member of the assembly will be required for that member to exercise the voting privilege. 6) Page 11 #5 Election of all Area Officers will follow the Third Legacy Procedure as outlined in the A.A. Service Manual. Election of Alternate Officers, Chairpersons of Assembly approved committees and Liaisons to Intergroups will be by written ballot with a majority required. 7) Page 12. Rename Area Conference to Convention. 
8) Page 12c. Disposition of any surplus money from the Convention to be recommended by the Finance Committee and approved by the Area Assembly. The assembly unanimously accepted the new Policies and Procedures manual as amended.
M1998-012 Quarterly Meeting 07/12/98 Moved to make the Liaison to Brazos Valley Intergroup a member of the Area Committee. Motion passed. Passed 1, 15, 26,
M2001-013 Quarterly Meeting 04/08/01 Isador D. elected Liaison to Houston Intergroup. Passed 1, 15, 16
M2001-014 Quarterly Meeting 04/08/01 David L. elected Liaison to Spanish Speaking Intergroup. Passed 1, 15, 16,
M2005-003 Quarterly Meeting 01/09/05 Chris P was elected by acclimation as District 90 Liaison to SETA. Passed 1,15,16
M2005-005 Quarterly Meeting 01/09/05 Tabled elections for Multilingual Chairperson and Liaison to Spanish Intergroup until the April 2005 Assembly Tabled 1,9,15,16
M2005-009 Quarterly Meeting 04/10/05 Election of Liason to Spanish Intergroup was tabled until the July Assembly. Tabled 1,15,16
M2005-022 Quarterly Meeting 07/10/05 Concha G was nominated for Liaison to Spanish Intergroup. Paul M made a motion to elect Concha; Gus H seconded it. Concha was elected by acclimation. Passed 1,15,16
M2005-029 Quarterly Meeting 10/16/05 David M was nominated for Liaison to District 90 Intergroup. He was elected by acclimation. Passed 1,15,16
M2006-001 Quarterly Meeting 01/29/06 No candidate stood for Liaison to Spanish Intergroup. The item will be placed on the agenda for the April Assembly. Tabled 1,15,16,
M2006-003 Quarterly Meeting 04/09/06 No candidate stood for Liaison to Spanish Intergroup. The item will be placed on the agenda for the July assembly. Tabled 1,15,16,
M2006-013 Quarterly Meeting 07/09/06 Angelo M stood for Liaison to Spanish Intergroup. His election was passed by acclimation. Passed 1,15,16
M2007-002 Quarterly Meeting 01/14/07 Marie C. was nominated and elected as Laision to Spanish Office Intergroup.  Passed 1,15,16
M2009-006 Quarterly Meeting 04/05/09 Kate M. was nominated by Charlie R. as the Brazos Vally Intergroup Liaison. Charlie read a written acceptance from Kate. The election was approved. Passed 1, 15, 16, 
M2009-012 Quarterly Meeting 07/12/09 Ricardo D. elected as Liaison to Spanish Intergroup (D-63,64) Passed 1,  15, 16
M2010-001 Quarterly Meeting 01/10/10 Dennis Mc. elected as Liaison to District 90 Intergroup.  Passed 1, 15, 16
M2010-004 Quarterly Meeting 04/11/10 Hebrew M. elected as Liaison to District 66 Spanish Office Intergroup.  Passed 1, 15, 16
M2011-001 Quarterly Meeting 01/16/11 Dennis M of the TLC Group stood for the position of Liaison to Beaumont (9th District) Intergroup. He had filled the position for a partial term and stated that he would like to continue
in the position.  Motion made to accept by acclimation.  Motion seconded.  The vote was unanimous.
Passed 1, 15, 16, 22
M2011-013 Quarterly Meeting 07/10/11 Election of Liaison to Spanish Office Intergroup (North) Alejandro P stood and qualified. A motion was made to accept by acclimation and the vote was unanimous. Passed 1, 15, 16
M2011-018 Quarterly Meeting 07/10/11 Motion to Provide SETA Convention Financial Report to Houston Intergroup: After discussion, Betsy G made a request for a Friendly Amendment in which “Records” would be changed to “Report”. This was agreed to and the Motion passed with (1) opposed.  No Minority Opinion offered. Passed 1, 15, 17, 
M2012-010 Quarterly Meeting 04/15/12 Motion to create a budget for the SETA 67 Liaisons to Intergroup to reimburse for hotel expenses incurred on attending Area Assemblies.  Motion tabled. Tabled 1,15
M2012-027 Quarterly Meeting 10/7/2012 Motion funding five Intergroup Liaison one room night each for three assemblies, totaling $2,825 per year.  Vote in favor.  Minority opinion regarding whether or not this position served a purpose; opinion also expressed about the principle of sacrifice and participation in service.  Gus H made a motion to reconsider the vote.  Motion returned to the floor. Motion to reconsider failed.  Vote stood.  Motion passed.   Passed 1,15