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EVENT DATE Motion Action Category
M1996-004 Quarterly Meeting 10/06/96 Motion to approve a new standing committee called  SETA State Convention Attendance Promotion (SCAP) Passed 1, 12, 26,
M1996-005 Quarterly Meeting 10/06/96 Finance Committee request to increase the SCAP Committee budget for 1996-1997 expenses by $150. Motion passed Passed 1, 6, 12,
M1997-015 Quarterly Meeting 04/06/97 To allot $1000.00 to SCAP Committee to use as seed money for State Convention. Motion passed. Jane S. spoke for the minority opinion and said that SCAP had $1100.00 in the bank which is enough to host a hospitality suite plus there is time to request more funds if needed from the Finance Committee. A revote was called but no written record of vote. Passed 1, 6, 12, 17
M1997-016 Quarterly Meeting 04/06/97 Linda G. moved we fund SCAP with $1000.00. Motion failed. Failed 1, 6, 12
M1997-026 Quarterly Meeting 07/13/97 Motion to elect Antoinette W. as SCAP Chairperson. Elected by acclamation. Motion passed. Passed 1, 12, 16
M2005-011 Quarterly Meeting 04/10/05 Debi U. was elected by acclimation as SCAP Chair. Passed 1,12,16
M2005-012 Quarterly Meeting 04/10/05 A motion passed to provide printed mailing labels from the SETA Convention mailing list to the Scap Committee to mail Texas State Convention flyers to people in the SETA Area.  Passed 1,12,17,
M2006-009 Quarterly Meeting 04/09/06 The motion passed that SCAP be given a set of SETA mailing labels to be used for mailing Texas State Convention flyers. Passed 1,12,17
M2007-005 Quarterly Meeting 04/15/07 The ad hoc  committee on a Prudent Reserve for the State Convention recommended to have the surplus funds from the State Convention continue to be given to the SCAP committee to put in their account and that the SCAP build a reserve for the funds minus what the committee needs to operate. The motion failed. Failed 1, 12,17,21,
M2007-013 A motion was made and seconded to provide mailing labels to the SCAP Committee for promotingthe State Convention. The motion passed.
M2010-006 Robin C. elected as SCAP Committee Chair. There is a conflict because she is currently serving as Group GSR. This will be resolved by the July assembly.
M2012-004 Quarterly Meeting 1/8/2012 Election of SCAP Chair: Francia C has been serving as interim Chair since being appointed in October 2011.  She had been on the Committee last year and on the Hospitality Suite at last year's convention.  A motion was made and seconded to accept Francia C by acclimation.  The vote was unanimous. Passed 1, 12, 16