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EVENT DATE Motion Action Category
M1986-008 Quarterly Meeting 07/13/86 Martha W. moved that our September sharing session be devoted to Cooperation With the Professional Community (CPC)., the motion was seconded and passed Passed 1, 3,
M1988-006 Quarterly Meeting 07/10/88 Martha W. made a motion that a permanent Cooperation With the Professional Community (CPC) committee be formed and the Chairman be elected in October 1988. The motion was seconded and passed. Passed 1, 3, 26,
M1994-015 Quarterly Meeting 04/10/94 Motion was made and seconded that all chairman's positions be reimbursed for hoel expenses. After discussion the motion was restated: All Area Chairman who are not funded in their individual budget, that their hotel expenses be budgeted for by the Area Assembly. Seconded by Jane S, This motion passed. Passed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 13, 
M1994-021 Quarterly Meeting 07/10/94 The Finance Committee recommended that the Assembly a contingency fund of $1500 to reimburse other SETA Committee Chairs, as requested, one night hotel expense at 1995 Quarterly Assemblies. Also a paragraph to state " The Area Assembly reimburse the Chairperson, Transcription Secretary, Secretary, and Treasurer for one night hotel expense at the Area Assemblies. The recommendation failed. Failed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 13, 25,
M1994-022 Quarterly Meeting 07/10/94 Motion to increase the 1995 Transcription Secretary budget to $2000 to include quarterly meeting expense and travel to Regional Forums or SWRAASA and funding for the 6 standing committees. Motion passed. Passed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 13, 17, 25,
M1995-009 Quarterly Meeting 04/09/95 The P&P Committee recommended the following amendments to the SETA Policies and Procedures Manuel: 1) Pages 4&5. One Area Secretary; add Area Records Committee Chairperson. 2) Page 9#4 The Finance Committees responsibility shall be: To prepare the proposed budget for the following fiscal year, to study/review the needs of the assembly as a whole as they relate to income and expense and to ensure a healthy but practical Area financial status that honors the intent of the Seventh Tradition. The committee will have a voting chairperson plus other members, including the Area Treasurer and non-voting, at large members equally representing the geographic segments of the SETA Area. 3) Page 9#5 The Budget Sub-committee for the Finance Committee shall consist of the Area Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, and any assembly member requiring funding for approved area service work. The proposed budget for the following fiscal year will be presented to the assembly at the second quarterly meeting of the current year and voted on by the assembly no later than the third quarterly assembly meeting.  Passed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 20, 22, 25, 26,
4) Page 11 first paragraph, Any member willing to stand for any Area Committee job must be present or submit their intentions in writing. 5) Page 11 #1, The Area Secretary shall insure that all voting members are assigned numbered badges upon registering at each quarterly assembly. The numbered badges assigned will represent the roll of qualified voters. Prior to voting, that roll will be called to verify that all are present  and to identify any qualified voters missed in the registration process. Attendance by a member of the assembly will be required for that member to exercise the voting privilege. 6) Page 11 #5 Election of all Area Officers will follow the Third Legacy Procedure as outlined in the A.A. Service Manual. Election of Alternate Officers, Chairpersons of Assembly approved committees and Liaisons to Intergroups will be by written ballot with a majority required. 7) Page 12. Rename Area Conference to Convention. 
8) Page 12c. Disposition of any surplus money from the Convention to be recommended by the Finance Committee and approved by the Area Assembly. The assembly unanimously accepted the new Policies and Procedures manual as amended.
M1997-003 Quarterly Meeting 01/05/97 Robin M. accepted by acclamation as CPC Chair. Passed 1, 3, 16,
M2003-026 The CPC recommended Randy C. as chairperson of the Committee. Randy was elected by acclamation.
M2004-016 Finance Committee recommendation- The CPC & TFC will do away with their bank accounts and let the Area Treasure handle all disbursements for these committees. The PI & CFC Committees will copy the Area Treasurer with their bank statements,
M2004-016 cont'd1 submit a quarterly activity/check reqister to the Area Treasurer one month prior to each assembly and together with the Area Treasurer, will perform audits on their records during the first quarter of each year. Job descriptions for the PI & CPC Chairs
M2004-016 cont't2 will be updated to reflect these new reporting and audit requirements. The motion carried.
M2005-002 Quarterly Meeting 01/09/05 The Finance Committee recommended to increase the CPC Committee’s budget for 2005 by $120.00. Motion carried. Passed 1,3,6,26
M2009-001 Quarterly Meeting 01/11/09 Dave P. recently from Fort Smith, Arkansas was elected   as the SETA CPC Chair by acclimation,  Passed 1, 3, 16
M2009-007 Quarterly Meeting 04/05/09 Kris G. was nominated by the CPC Committee and elected as the CPC Chair. Betsy G. read a  email acceptance from Kris.  After further discussion a revote was called and it failed because it did not receive the 2/3 vote required. The election was approved. Passed 1, 3, 16